Arggh…so busy can die

I opened my eyes and immediately my friends buzzed me about jobs, jobs, jobs.

So, I start writing like mad because we are going for a movie and shopping as soon as the kids are home.

Then, someone MSN me and I replied, Busy, busy, I haven’t even have time to brush teeth yet.


He said, “Never mind, make money and get an Indon maid to brush your teeth for you.”

I replied, “With the money I made, I can afford another one to scratch cheebye when I am too busy typing.”

And he said, “That job, you need an hensem Bangla.”


Anywayss, just a little note that Terence has decided to delete his blog and you won’t be seeing him around. He said “bye” to all of you.Ā  Don’t ask any question, ok?

Anyone watched HairSpray yet?Ā  Is it ok?Ā  I love John TarakOtak but wonder if I am going to like him as a fat lady?

13 thoughts on “Arggh…so busy can die

  1. I watch it half way on a pirated vcd and decided too go for the movie this weekend. The songs are great and so does the actors. But I wonder why John Travolta was given the fat lady role. Not that the role will earn him an Oscar nomination

  2. angie – Shhh..Uncle Ho very difficult to make a living nowadays.

    hcfoo – There isn’t much choice of movies so I guess i will give it a try and come back to report.

  3. the movie was utterly fantastic! one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I wrote a rather detailed review about it in my blog (but i rather not put the direct link or else i kena tiau for spamming…hehe :P)

  4. IcedNyior – Ya, agree 100%. LOL, leave yr review URL in my next post, k?

    ahpek – HOI! Wanna die kah?

    samm – I cannot watch at home, too much distractions, like paid posts calling. LOL.

    Little Ray – Eh, no questions mah? Ish.

    Bryan – Double sigh…You got his mail, keep in touch direct with him lor, in case you need blue hair tow truck Ah Beng or someone to throw hell money or pour red paint.

    Cindy – Go see, it is really nice.

  5. ha???
    Terence deleted his blog….
    Will Terence post in your blog like he used to?
    I enjoy his presence in your blog too…

    Should sport a puffed up hair style like those in Hairspray to watch.

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