Movie : Hairspray

It has been a while since I have seen a movie that gives you the ‘feel good’ feelings and yet, is not some cartoon or Disney production. [tag]Hairspray[/tag] is the kind of movie that lets you walk out of the cinema feeling like a million dollar. It is that good. Fantastic for the soul.


The movie is set in 1962 (long before I was born, OMG, I am so young!!) in Baltimore. Back then, it is all about segmentation. (I think posties know what segmentation feels huh?) The blacks on one side, polishing the whites’ shoes and the whites stay in their corner. They have Negro Day. How vulgar it sounds now, huh?

So, in a way, it is a good wakeup for all of us to have a reality check and see if we have gone back in time when we are segmented because we are fat, black, Chinese, Negro (Asian?) because there are parts in there which gives you a jolt.

The main star of this movie is this plumpish but oh so adorable, sweet, gutsy and angelic teen girl name Tracy. She has attitude and she knows what she wants and go out of her way to get it. She put her (life) and reputation at stake to defend the blacks. There was one part where she carried a place card that says “Integration Yes, Segmentation No” and marched with the blacks so that the blacks get their airtime on TV.

Sigh….of late, I am pretty emo over some stuffs. Political, society in general (read : little girl missing or stuffed with brinjal), on the make money front (where I am hit with segmentation), with close friend (you know who), personal stuffs etc. So, after that 1+ hour of songs and dance, with all the support Tracy’s parents gave to their little girl, I have found the meaning of ATTITUDE. That’s what we need most.

You can’t stop the beat. The world still moves on. If one door closed, another opens. There are many empowering words in there but I can’t recall what it is right now. It has been a good movie therapy and yeap, I am so damn happy after the movie.

Go watch it. You will want to walk out and decide to turn fat!

So, who is your favourite character in the movie? I say it has to be Michelle Pfeiffer and her bitchy role.

9 thoughts on “Movie : Hairspray

  1. I don’t know when can go and watch movie again ..Maybe wait another 2 years before I can bring my boy to watch movie. Can’t afford to hire maid lor.. šŸ˜›

  2. I love tracy turnbald coz she was so optimistic and even tho it was the time they had a segregation, she was oblivious to it and made friends with the negros šŸ™‚

  3. I am going to watch it after it is marked with * , then I can get Buy1 Get 1 Free promo lor…
    bo bian lar… I earn so little mar… not like you… muhahahah~~

  4. Ok! Set! I go see this movie with my monster this saturday. Hehehehe…. she sure very happy one….

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