Is writing paid posts a shameful thing?

*This is a major rant, so stay and enjoy, clap your hands, throw me some confetti or pop some fireworks or just blardy get lost and go slap yourself silly. The choice is yours.*


How many of you have the luxury of a husband who bought breakfast and leave it on the dining table before he goes to work so that his wife can have her favourite Chung Ling economy mee hoon?

How many of you have the luxury of a husband who bought his wife a pink Vaio which costs RM5K eventhough a cheap Dell will do?

Do I look like I am hard-up for money to you? Do I look like I sold my soul because I need money so badly? Nope. The only reason why I think people keep bitching behind my back, besides me or in front of me about how lame women who write paid posts for a few dollars are either :

1) Sour grapes who own only one blog and will never, ever reach my diva status so they say, “I will never read blog filled with paid posts.” Fark care lah.

2) Working mom who thinks highly of themselves because if they don’t, they will be eaten by guilt because we stay-at-home moms are the self-righteous women who sacrifice our careers for the kids. So, we are often referred as the EFNTD silais.

3) Scaredy cats who never dare to take risks so they keep telling themselves, “One of these days, these women who write paid posts are going to find themselves with no sex, no kids and no friends because they wank all day long with their paid posts.”

4) Negative people who just have to get their daily dose of N-vitamins, negativity, negativity, negativity.


I have heard a lot from US millionaire A-list bloggers about the negative parts of paid posts. But they are rich guys in the advertising line and they feel shitty because they never thought of this method of marketing. I can accept the likes of Jason Calacanis, Michael Arrington and folks like them flinging muds.

(cafepress $21.99)

But when typical, full time shake cibais women of the same status as me bitching on and on and on and trying to put me down with their self-righteous views, then, nah, go rub tofu more often. You want porn channel? I got a lot. Google porntube or pornfo and get your cibai rub a bit and get off my face.


You are all most probably a pile of shit which lays stagnant forever. Me? I am going to enjoy my char bee hoon, read some books, talk some craps on MSN with my buddies and earn another USD300 today.

So, happy now?

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