Is writing paid posts a shameful thing?

*This is a major rant, so stay and enjoy, clap your hands, throw me some confetti or pop some fireworks or just blardy get lost and go slap yourself silly. The choice is yours.*


How many of you have the luxury of a husband who bought breakfast and leave it on the dining table before he goes to work so that his wife can have her favourite Chung Ling economy mee hoon?

How many of you have the luxury of a husband who bought his wife a pink Vaio which costs RM5K eventhough a cheap Dell will do?

Do I look like I am hard-up for money to you? Do I look like I sold my soul because I need money so badly? Nope. The only reason why I think people keep bitching behind my back, besides me or in front of me about how lame women who write paid posts for a few dollars are either :

1) Sour grapes who own only one blog and will never, ever reach my diva status so they say, “I will never read blog filled with paid posts.” Fark care lah.

2) Working mom who thinks highly of themselves because if they don’t, they will be eaten by guilt because we stay-at-home moms are the self-righteous women who sacrifice our careers for the kids. So, we are often referred as the EFNTD silais.

3) Scaredy cats who never dare to take risks so they keep telling themselves, “One of these days, these women who write paid posts are going to find themselves with no sex, no kids and no friends because they wank all day long with their paid posts.”

4) Negative people who just have to get their daily dose of N-vitamins, negativity, negativity, negativity.


I have heard a lot from US millionaire A-list bloggers about the negative parts of paid posts. But they are rich guys in the advertising line and they feel shitty because they never thought of this method of marketing. I can accept the likes of Jason Calacanis, Michael Arrington and folks like them flinging muds.

(cafepress $21.99)

But when typical, full time shake cibais women of the same status as me bitching on and on and on and trying to put me down with their self-righteous views, then, nah, go rub tofu more often. You want porn channel? I got a lot. Google porntube or pornfo and get your cibai rub a bit and get off my face.


You are all most probably a pile of shit which lays stagnant forever. Me? I am going to enjoy my char bee hoon, read some books, talk some craps on MSN with my buddies and earn another USD300 today.

So, happy now?

51 thoughts on “Is writing paid posts a shameful thing?

  1. *clap clap clap* *bang, boom* (fireworks & confetti)

    lilian u rawks!! let them no sex/life/etc fark themselves silly la….they r the ones EFNTD silais

    keep on rawking babe!

  2. I’ve started writing paid post again this week after reading about you earning rm12k per month. While others are bitching behind your back, I’m one of those people who respect you for your consistency and discipline in writing paid posts.

    Well, I don’t have to write much. Just USD10 per day will do.

  3. ppl may think we are full of craps, but who cares if someone is paying for us to crap more.
    I just said goodbye to some difficult ppl and take blogging for money more seriously recently. I would say I have so much more flexibility and time for myself. And dare i say? i am actually making more than i used to even though it’s not a fultime venture yet!

  4. Steven – Last you check, were you wearing a skirt with no kuku? I am only talking about women wor.

    leah – Now is the best time cos every advertiser is scrambling for ads in time for Christmas. The ball is in our bloggers’ field now.

    hcfoo – There are many relevant opps around and one can easily earn USD20 bucks per day.

    chrissytya – Tenkiu

    Samm – We can afford to eat superior sharksfin fried like that oso horrr?

  5. Aiya, keep asking questions i forgot what i want to say, those ppls are just too free and itchy, you write your paid post you get your earnings you enjoy your life, who cares of what they think?

  6. Byran – I heard you Google and solved ‘the mystery’ as well. LOL, ‘our’ SEO damn kerng hor?

    th_c – The metal thingie is the Notepal by Cooler Master bcos the Vaio is damn hot unless on rainy days when it serves it purpose of warming….. (those who read my earlier post knows what it is good for).

    I shiok to poke back sometimes mah, they talk, I also talk back. This is call atttitude and balls. 😛

  7. I went for a nap and woke up reading a post like this, besides Samm’s grape post. I missed anything? LOL!

    Ask those char boh leave us alone lah, I still have 20 paid posts to go, niamah, all $$$ you know? Sour grapes!

  8. shoppingmum – I teach you SEO. You go Google the title….ermm..I MSN u the title? Then, you also sure rant one post. Good for interims mah.

    froginkl – I no fark care but I saja like to fark so the other parties terasa mah.

  9. I have a hubby who always wakes up earlier than me and prepares breakfast for me while me reading newspaper. But I dun get my RM3k+ NEC laptop free boh.
    I like ur char bee hoon. I miss Penang’s food. Must fly over just to eat.
    Oh yes.. your meme is done.
    EFNTD means what? Enjoying fucking Nights To Days?

  10. i enjoy reading all your blog, esp the way u scold those losers, u really k%!#@ them like a lame dog ! bravo ! straight forward and no BS ! u rock !

    thanks for your sharing on making $ on the net ! u are really Penang no 1 Pro Blogger ! me support u !

  11. moblok – This one call truthful mah, terang terang say what I mean hor?

    whojen – The husband died suddenly during one CNY cos he gambled and stayed away for too many nights. He got brain bleed or something. The wife and all the others are still there. Not as oily but still ok lah.

    choonie – I like yr version of EFNTD. Yes, let’s adopt Cikgu Choonie’s version. Not those eat full nothing to do bitches version. Cikgu Choonie sungguh pandaiiii.

    steven – Yayaya, pompuan saja.

    anthraxxx – Yalor, I baru checked my bank ystdy, I have freaking five digits many times over.

  12. zewt – *do the acid test* You get pH 1.

    alexallied – Haiyor, come all the way to Penang, eat char bee hoon? How can…At least let me chia you char koay teow with big big prawns mah.

  13. wah lao weh – what crap – hard work leh – sleep late, wake up once the handphone beep, cook, parenting, make husband happy… cheh – so ez meh?

  14. been bz with something called work. 😛

    anyway, can’t be bothered with such folks. i mean, people do write for a living – take journalists for example. how about copywriters who go and hock promote products?

    oh yea.. i’ve added you as a friend in facebook but lu still boh eng-ar? 🙂

  15. Why u chia only Alexallied char koaw teoy? me le? I really feel like flying over to Penang to eat nia. But too bad no transport, no lang chia, bo teh huei kia…. Chin Qi Cham…

    I think I just EFNTD in Kuching.

  16. kill those people!! and keep rocking! bah! i think woman who write paid post are super cool okay! and im gonna be one when im older =p

  17. hahaha come penang guarantee fat wan:D

    the tourist attraction is .. food and food and food and food..
    Kek Lo FOOD si
    Penang Food Hill
    Penang Food International Airport

  18. I will buy all the vowels, can pay in installment or not?
    I do care to read yout paid post, it gave me ideas what is selling and what i would love to buy (neh.. those sexi baju tidor)..
    Keep up with the paid post and earn yr $$$, it’s a profession too (for the time being, tax free some more).

  19. Hi Lilian,

    I found your blogs very inspiring. I don’t know why people reject paid post, I think that as long as you are talented and able to earn money and write some entertaining blogs at the same time, there’s really no harm. I don’t think women who work can achieve the same thing like you if given the chance. So easy to be one of the top earners in payperpost meh?

  20. Where got shameful? It’s earning honest money ok! Not everyone is a successful blogger like you, and they are jealous of you, that’s why they bitch.

    Sigh, humans, I tell you…

  21. the title to samm’s post…i’ve read it in a blog few days bek….abt some akuaku “8 things i dun wanna hear” ??? ur good friend wor that one…..

  22. whoa lilian … you’ve been using that *cibai* word too “much” … are you trying to SEO that word so that your website appears on first page #1 in google-search?

    i can’t seem to find people bid for that word 😛

    anyway any luck on the PPP Uni’s $150 opps? … almost got it but RLOD nevertheless …

    cheers …

  23. oh gawd!!!

    rupa-rupanya you also like chung ling char bee hoon!!!

    i’ve been enjoying it since age 7 until today…15 years of char bee hoon for breakfast!!! still as yummy!!!

  24. maegen – Tks!

    Robb – If you become celebrity, I demand to be interviewed, ok?

    des – *do the maths, 7 + 15* eh, I thot you only 18 mah?

    stocktube – Yeah, one day the keyword will cost a lot of money.

    sooi sooi – You terror! So observant wan?

    Thanks to the rest of the comments. 4.30 am, time for bed!

  25. this one i sappot 9 9!

    ceh..y wana jealous ppl make money hypocrite wana condemn ppl who do paid posts!

    i wan more blog!!!! and more time actually!

  26. huei – Sour grapes mah. Early-early don’t want to listen to my advice. You have gone dot com, in time for Argus. These days all blogspots sei jor lah. Can go eat shits jor.

    erina – Hehehe, actually hor, you should blog from your cooking island domain like Ask your webmaster to do it for you lah. Otherwise, blogging from blogspot tarak laku wan.

    ahpek – The fence never poke yr backside kah?

  27. Woo Hoo! I saw screw ’em all!

    Hey I’m knew to all the PPP stuff but I am trying to get it down. I came across your site and you are now my inspiration. Will you be my mentor? Please please please! I don’t usually beg. But I wanna be a 5X mom sipping coffee eating my (Char bee hoon??) Is that the noodles? I don’t know but they look soooo gooood. YUM!

    So is this a website or a blog site? You have a sweet set-up here, just wondering who your webmaster is.

    ~M. —-come take a visit

  28. yes leh, i remember coz i actually read that particular para (of hers) more than once…read read kedengaran macam sengaja ditujukan for someone lidat (WHY LA?)…and words like “blogs – earning – money” are rarely stringed in one sentence w/out the thought of 5xmom in mind, lol

    but the part where she sed there’s no blogging system that makes money while shaking legs…aiya, never heard of adsense or TLA meh??

  29. sooi2 – I don’t take it personally cos now I play with the international big ones. Reputation wise, I am above that level to care liao. But so many people who write paid posts are hurt by words like these so since they pointed out to me, I like to put out my butt to defend these moms lor. You know me lah, I cannot keep quiet lest I turned constipated. And hor, I didn’t know GP so pariahs, no work, no money. As if got any job that gives permanent income, patah kaki patah tangan oso no money mah? Be Amway Diamond lor. At least I know I sit at home I get USD1+ in those residue incomes alone.

    marlita – Hahaha, your enthusiasm is infectious. I am touched with that. You can find many of the tips on my Make$ Money$ blog.

  30. alamak how i wish i can go back to 18!!! but holy cow no way! i dun want the friggin’ STPM again!!


    although the actual char bee hoon cook, which is the current cook’s husband passed away about 5 years ago…the taste improved day after day…. although cant seem to get back to the actual yumminess, she did very well to persevere and keep holding on to her business… the aunties there see me grow up from kiddy till today… i still like their bee hoon haha

  31. des – So sad hor, the husband suddenly died like that. It was such a shock to us cos that time it was our regular breakfast too.

    James – Not like that everyday, only the day mentioned cos I sold some links.

    Your eyes very sharp hor?

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