Shopping therapy

Mader : Tell me why I must buy for you?


Mader : What ape?

Son : A G A P E. Agape also you never heard of? It means unconditional love.

Mader : What you mean?

Son : Because you love me unconditionally lorrr…so must buy.

Mader : Cilaka, emotional blackmail kah? Cincai lah. Buy lah. But sure kena from your fader. He will definitely say “No sale, also buy. Wait discount 50% only buy.” Faster, #1, you also choose one pair of the same price or else you say I berat sebelah, pilih kasih, double standard. Your papa is going to faint ‘cos he is paying. Not me, my bank got money but cannot touch wan.

And we burnt a few hundreds RM in one afternoon shopping for clothes and shoes. Nice! See #2 entry on the Bob Marley’s shoe. He urged me to get a fuschia pink and black New Balance walking shoe as well. I cannot part with the money leh.

Haih….the Lohs and their sweet tongues. I got conned by one with his AGAPE and unconditional love theory.

7 thoughts on “Shopping therapy

  1. Son is smart! Surely mader will get blackmailed when going for shopping therapy? I always thought shopping therapy only exist in mama’s dictionary. We “papa” hate shopping..haha

  2. Hehehehe, search wordweb, and I found it.
    Agape :
    Noun : (Greek) love (especially love that is spiritual and selfless in nature)

    Adjective : With the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe

  3. LOL, sweet! Like father like son. With moo_t’s explanation, your #2 was referring to the “noun” while you probably reacted in the “adjective”? LOL

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