Let’s me go on emo trip!

Someone wrote to me recently that she found my old blogspot’s blog to be more ‘real’ than this blog. I know. Someone else also told me once, my current blog is much happier than my old blog. I also know. People changes with the times. It has been a long time since I write an emo post.
I had just cleaned up my sidebar. And also the blogroll. Don’t worry, no one has been dropped. Don’t click over to see if your link is still there, darn it. Sit down and read further.

Only one special person/blogger with an asterisk because * ones has membership. Membership has its privileges. I had dropped many people out of my life, out of my blog, out of my mind. But normally, these are people who had done wrong to me. They either betrayed my trust or took me for granted.

But with this one other person, it was my fault. And it is terribly hard to delete a blog. He requested it. Not I terrorist, ok? You know what? I cannot find the FUCKING DELETE BUTTON. All the while both of us joked about pressing the delete button on each other’s blogs and all the blogs we are going to hack one day. Yes, we both have admin. level. to each other’s blog. It is still there on mine.

Anyway, I think it is only fair I tell you guys that yes, it hurts me alot that things turned out this way. I am sure with his presence here every day on my blog and his jokes or the times when he stood up for me, you know how nice a guy he is. I don’t want people to get the impression that he is just another one of those whom I dissed because their heads get too big for themselves. It is nothing like that.
This has nothing to do with him. It was all my fault. I cannot tell why but I can tell you that I am going to miss that security, the laughs and those stupid jokes only we can understand sometimes. So, it looks like it is

tl 1 – cl 0

If you guys want to keep in touch with him, just email him lah. He has issued court order and I cannot contact him because he make polis repot I tried to molest him because he is too hensem. Ok, that’s just one more last laugh. So laugh lah! Woi!

The end.

I wish you luck

I look forward to hear when you become daddy

I will pray for GM always

I know you are still reading my blog and using it as the desktop

I know this decision is for the best because, hey, you remember? Opposites attract. But we are born on the same 7th September and that’s why similarity repels.

And now, I know I had done the right decision. I don’t lie. That’s why the truth hurts. A lot.

Take care. One final one for the road – Niamah, cilaka and cibai.

And nyek, I closed the comment again. Let me go find my happy pill and I will come back shortwhile. Stay tune.

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