Blast from the past

I took off a lot of things on my sidebar last night and decided that it is too bare. So, I installed the Those were the days WordPress plugin to bring random posts from the archives. I had crapped over 2K posts so I myself have forgotten what I wrote in the past.

Then, I stumbled on my drama sungguh post about contemplating to stop blogging. When I look back, things have changed a lot. Back then, there were not many political bloggers. There were lots of copy and paste bloggers. And what stood out then was the elitists. I think many of the new bloggers now do not know what elitist means. Good for you! We used to have a gang of belagak sungguh bloggers who think they rule the Malaysian blogsphere. They will gang up on you and bulldoze you down.

I got it many times. I mean being bulldozed many times. But I am a survivor. Thank goodness elitists do grow old and go die (not physically of course). The blogsphere here is now a much better place because we don’t have that mentality anymore. There are no mobs to group blog and kill you.

(my answer : For Christ)

Anyway, two years ago, I was torn between my Christian’s self and my blogging self. I had to make a decision whether to pretend living like good Christians or be part of this non-existent and yet, sometimes so real world call the blogsphere. All along my style of blogging never goes well with what is expected of a good Christian. Good Christians don’t criticise, don’t say bad words, don’t scold people, don’t judge yadda yadda yadda, thou who hath no sins…bla bla bla. But I found some very powerful words in the Bible that kicked me forward. Good Christians like what I stereotype rarely make ripples in the ocean. They stood still so they don’t sin. But Jesus said, what good is a lamp when it is put under the bed. So, burn, baby, burn. I am the one who wants to make big waves.

So, I don’t give a damn and just blog away because my heart tells me to. I had my share of bruises and bleeding heart sometimes but if I can reach out to someone in need or touch their lives in some ways, it is worth it.

Exactly on 22nd September 2005, I talked about leaving the blogsphere
. Two years later, I am still not any wiser. I still have my blunders, hurt people with my words sometimes and I think I still stay pretty much the same (except I am a lot richer in $$). I am still the one who is never too busy to say welcome to the blogsphere to many new bloggers when I see their link on Technorati.

But I no longer go around reading every blogs and comment on them. If you are in this thing long enough, you will know that many of these social thingies are just superficial, sometimes. Most times. So, frankly, I don’t have any idea why we are still blogging after so many years.

Do you? Those of you who have been around for more than two years, what’s keeps you going?

(another more Yehsou thoughts on my Christian blog)

11 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. errr, i guess for most of us, it’s the lil feeling when we get comments and grateful readers, ain’t it?

    of course, paid post are no doubt a huge driving force. šŸ˜€

  2. The love you get from your readers. The concern, the support, even though they know how incredibly tired you are up to the point of just running away from it all.

    Makes it very difficult to leave, and in the end, I actually didn’t want to either šŸ™‚

  3. its the money lor…& the crave for attention lor! look at me! look at me! look at me! hahahahahaha i also over 2 years liao…can be called veteran liao hor?

  4. I’ve been blogging for around 2 years and 4 months. What keeps me going? Stupid comments dissing me and comments from ppl that encourage me to be who I am. I get to know how other’s think and vice versa.

    I dont blog for money and I dont go around reading other’s blog but I can say,having a lot of people to read your blog everyday feels nice. At least you’ve been heard.

    All in all,it’s the feeling of being noticed and the attention. ^^

  5. after 3 years and 2 months… i’m still hanging on to my little space, why? because my biggest supporter my sister is reading it hehehe

  6. bulldoze you down? like how? i tot bloggers want the blogosphere to grow grow grow?

    lately, there have been talks about whether jesus is political… maybe we ask around and see whether jesus might be a blogger if there was internet back then.

    i have not been around for 2 years yet but i think i will be taking it easy once 1 year is up.

  7. Hi Lillian,
    Been reading your blog for sometime now, and your post struck a chord in me, I hope you don’t mind, I want to link your post to mine on blogging as a Christian. Thanks!

  8. I’m also over two years, about 5 years already, only seriously promote my blog last year. Last time I tried to keep it as low profile as possible. Once I also thought of stopping after my bf death, then few days later, I found my strenght to blog again… Have no one to pour out everything, so my blog is the place for me to do so. Also with several loyal blog readers, they kept me going till today. Now… I’m addicted already hahaha… Can’t stop, summore with the money I’m making from blogging now… How can I stop!!??! This is where I get majority of my income from. My day job doesn’t give me much, sometimes don’t even have any money for months, well… It’s not easy to be a web developer especially there are so many competitions around now and everyone is practically trying to stab each other back just to get hold of the business, it sucks… Blogging is fun! Hahaha…

  9. irene – It is kind of nice to look back on our thoughts and realised that despite of some of the struggles we went through, we are still around and hope to find better days ahead. You are the second blogger I know whose bf died. I used to know one from Singapore as well.

    lollie – Please, you are most welcome. Thanks and do share your URL when you are done. I will love to read too.

    zewt – Heh, yeah, a whole mob. You think I become tough because I am born like that?

  10. Hi Lillian,
    Thank you for being so gracious.
    I hesitate to put my URL here for fear people (you) think that I am using your very famous site for my own publicity wor..
    But.. after scratching my head on how to give you the URL.. erm.. short from asking for your email or handphone number..
    what the heck, here it is.
    I mentioned you once or twice and I link you in my recent post- Seek ye first..
    Hehe! Thx again! šŸ˜‰

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