Don’t you wish your earning is hot like me

Bwahahahaha…long time no see this sort of screenshot.


PayPerPost – Taken at 11.12 am on 23rd September.

Pooi – USD101
Chan – USD 71
Amy – USD 65

Well, I know people are going to say…

these women….
They probably never eat, never sleep, neglect their kids, never sex to get that money. Cheap…writing for five bucks.

But all wrong! I have five hours sleep, gone to church, heating up the bak kut teh I cooked the previous day, ate one chempedak muffin and I managed to earn that. See? This is call efficiency. I dare you to check my posts and tell me those are spammy, no-one-wants to read quality. So, here’s my middle finger and go fug yourself.

Have a nice weekend.

*off humming Pussycatdolls*

14 thoughts on “Don’t you wish your earning is hot like me

  1. mommy to chumsy – You can too, when your kids are bigger. I am sure you can.

    sasukei – My record was USD230 per day from PPP so USD70 is kacang putih oni. And PPP is just one of the five companies I write for. šŸ˜› Follow my Make$ Money$ and you can start making money too.

    shoppingmum – Yeah, take lots of pics and also blog with yr Nokia N95 hor?

    samm – LOL, yeah, take all so nothing left for others so they can bitch more. Keep them bitches happy mah.

  2. Congrats Lilian. I always admire you guy’s ability to write so many posts (sponsored and non-sponsored) in a day. I do spend quite a number of hours in front of the computer but am always distracted from writing. Any cure for this “sickness”?

  3. Bryan – Yalor, you oso can confirm hor, how we no ‘choi’ how much money we got, just for the shiok-edness of lansiness. Hahaha.

    tenthofmarch – Actually, it is more of a challenge. Usually, we set a target and try to achieve it. Not so much the competition between the few of us friends but rather We vs the world vs the bitches who kept whining. Hahaha, the lansiness and shiokness factors to get that tulaness effects.

    wayne – Ya lor, on average we have to earn over USD100 to get the five digit income RM. And usually we went over that amount. I said we because I am not the only one. Samm aka Pooi had achieved the five digit figure. Amy plus Doris and Emily too are PPP top earners.

  4. LOL. Your target sounds fun. Anyway, I did set a target for myself this month. Unfortunately, I have only just hit the half way mark. I need to put in more effort. *yikes* My nikon….

  5. wah… I wish that my earning is hot like you too. How you do that? You still have 5 hours to sleep, go to church some more? šŸ™‚ You’re so powerful! I have to show my respectation to you!

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