Happy Birthday, Vincent’s fav doc.


I had made the photo as small as can be. We went out for dinner to celebrate Vincent’s birthday just now. I asked the kids to take a bros-moment photo. The first few shots, they were all well mannered. But on one of the f pic…well you can see for yourself. LOL.

(Here are the old posts for 2006 and 2005)

And this photo below taken in May 2005 shows how much my kids have grown.


Well, I am not going to dwell on the son that’s not here. But this post is to dedicate to a special person. He is 43 years today. Happy Birthday to you, doc! May God continues to shower you with wisdom and patience to care for all the tiny babies.

I am not sure if I am going to send you this link because the Vincent’s mom you know and the Lilian on this blog maybe different. Then again, you are the one who told me I can write. It is a result of your promptings. Hehehe. Now, I no longer write for the papers but for a more meaningful group.

I had wanted to mail you a birthday card but I want to tell the world what a fantastic person you are. So, you are in the spotlight. *smile, doc* There are around 2,000 people reading this. Maybe I should tell them – Go consult Dr. HK Cheang of Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang if your kids need a doctor. He is the best-est doc around. I hope you don’t get into trouble with the MMA or whatever doctors association for this voluntary advertisement from me. šŸ˜›


All the happy faces of Dr. Cheang’s patients. Two of them have outgrown Dr. Cheang’s paediatric care though. As I sadly remember Vincent’s birthday, I shall also happily remember your birthday. Thank God for that little connection that I still have with my son. If I cannot celebrate with Vincent, at least I get to know someone who celebrates his. So, Vincent’s fav. doc., Happy Birthday and may the good Lord showers you with lots of blessings.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VINCENT DARLING. We know where you are ‘cos Matthew just told us. Vincent ko-ko has gone to God. Truly, that’s the most sincere answer with the best conviction. Who can deny that?

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  1. mcass – Glad you find humor in it. I was standing quite a distance away and didn’t see which fingers until I downloaded the pics. No wonder they were giggling away.

  2. happy birthday Vincent! May God bless you and your family with happiness.
    And I think u r a supermum too! and love the pink VAIO!

  3. Happy Birthday to Vincent and I trust that the Lord is taking good care of him. Today is lawrence birthday too and I am going to bake him a silly cake. Not sure to blog it later or not otherwise ppl say i siau char bor. hahaha……..

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