Help Yvonne. Bid now, I top up dollar for dollar. Closing 24th Sep. NOON

Blogger Yvonne Foong will be auctioning two necklace she personally designed this week to raise funds for her medical treatments. Materials used consist of a Sodalite gemstone, crystal beads, a glass pendant, and Onxy beads, imported from Australia.



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Consider her designs a blessing. Yvonne Foong is born blind in the left eye. There is a cluster of tumors pressing onto her only functioning optic nerve, that caused her pupil to dilate in the right eye. Like many bloggers, Yvonne attends college, to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Except that she uses a magnifying glass to read, because her right eye takes longer to focus on printed words. Yvonne’s classmates transcribe lectures on her laptop real-time so her deafness would not impede her studies.

She has come a long way. Growing up a healthy child who could read and hear well, Yvonne now struggles everyday with disabling bodily functions.

Yvonne suffers from Neurofibromatosis Type 2, a rare genetic disorder, that causes tumors to grow in her central nervous system, affecting random nerves. Tumors can grow anytime, anywhere. Yvonne has underwent three brain and one spine surgery to date. Yet, many tumors remain untouched – some because they cannot be removed totally without endangering her life. Yvonne is living one day at a time.

Let’s chip in.ย  Here’s how.

When she asked me to help promote this auction, I agreed immediately, as I am always supportive of Yvonne. For every winning bid, I will donate dollar-for-dollar.

For example, if the winning bid for a necklace is RM80, the bidder pays for and receives the necklace as usual. On top of that, I will donate the same amount to Yvonne’s medical fund. So Yvonne gets RM160 in total for the sale of that necklace alone.

5xmom’s readers who win gets a free book!

Here’s the catch. To help Yvonne further spread her cause, I am buying two copies of her book and giving them out to the winning bidders. Show Yvonne you learned about the auction from THIS BLOG simply by LEAVING A COMMENT HERE SAYING YOU WILL BE BIDDING for the necklaces.

This post’s comments will be closed at 12,00 noon, Monday, 24th September 2007, Malaysian time.

When you win, your comments left on this post will entitle you a free AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF YVONNE’S BIOGRAPHY, “I’M NOT SICK, JUST A BIT UNWELL.”


So folks, please bid generously and I will do my part.

20 thoughts on “Help Yvonne. Bid now, I top up dollar for dollar. Closing 24th Sep. NOON

  1. Little Ray – LOL, this post is drafted by Yvonne. I mong cha cha how it works. But I think it means, whoever mention the price here is bidding. The necklace materials are from OZ ler.

    shoppingmum – Thank you! I like the blue too but necklace is not for me. I only wear earrings.

    LELONG LELONG – Please bid higher than RM50 and keep this going for Yvonne, please.

  2. eh..luckily she wrote that….I thot I was a blur fark..for not knowing how to get to it.

    anyway, done it. RM160 (thank u Paid posts! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). ..but need to match it or beli buku la.. u just use fwd that money to YF la….what for give me for?

  3. okay me is a bit confused here. i’ve gone over to yvonne’s ebay site and it states that the current bids now is RM40, but leah and shopping mum’s has bid rm50 here woh…so which one i follow?
    anyways…i’ve gone over to bid on the ebay site.
    i like the blue one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. lingzhie – I total noob at e-bay so that’s why I copy whatever Yvonne drafted for me. Hahaha. I know nuts, better lah, if not I spend more than I earn.

    Mott – RM160 from you, for which pendant? Nvm, we let Yvonne solves it cos I oso dunno how. I told her, when I need to pay money, just gimme Paypal address.

  5. lilian

    maybe you could put the ebay links up on the first page then it would be easier to find the auctions?

  6. haha ya oso hor from oz. Hahahahahahahhahaha * laughs at own stupidity *

    Actually i want the book lah. lol. I guess I’ll just go to the nearest bookstore and get it.

  7. I came back to check on the “bidding” b4 noon today becoz i tot u said it would end 24th noon. but couldn’t load the site, your site was down ah? Then, I went out and just got back…good thing I check in now, rupanya it’s on ebay, i got to find out my Ebay password coz haven’t used it for ages, only my husband use it. .:-)

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