Patutkah kita terus undi Barisan Nasional, UMNO dan Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian. Biarlah berita seperti ini disimpan di dalam ingatan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian buat selama-lamanya…..

KUALA KANGSAR 23 Sept. – Ibu bapa kanak-kanak malang Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, yang diculik dan didera secara seksual sehingga meninggal dunia boleh didakwa di mahkamah jika terdapat unsur kecuaian.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz berkata, walaupun seluruh negara cukup bersimpati dan bersedih dengan tragedi itu, namun undang-undang negara perlu diutamakan.

Beliau yang menyokong pandangan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan mengenai isu itu menegaskan:

‘‘Undang-undang tetap undang-undang dan kita kena ambil tindakan kerana antara Rukun Negara kita adalah untuk menegakkan undang-undang.

‘‘Jadi kalau ada perbuatan yang menyalahi undang-undang kita akan ambil tindakan… tidak ada sesiapa pun boleh terlepas.
(Utusan Malaysia)

Apakah itu simpati? Kalau sebut simpati, biarlah ianya betul-betul simpati dan bukan cuma untuk menunjuk simpati. Setiap insan yang betul-betul simpati dengan keluarga adik Nurin tidak akan menyoal mengapa adik Nurin diculik dan dibunuh. Setiap insan yang percaya kepada kebesaran Allah, akan menerima kematian adik Nurin dengan hati pilu tetapi tidak akan mencari kambing korban selain dari mencari pembunuh adik Nurin. Apatah lagi, menyoal dan menuding jari kepada kedua ibu-bapanya?

I say, “Nurin’s father, En. Jazimin, you got get their butts. I support you 100%. In my heart and my soul.”

(Jazimin to sue)

And to Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri, death of a child is something that none of us should ever endure. I wouldn’t even wish it on my greatest enemy. But since, you probably will never understand or sympathize in the true sense, I hope you never have to know how hurtful your words are to Nurin’s parents. If I recall correctly, it was you whom had said to some Ministers, “If you keep your mouth shut, no one will know you are stupid….”

To the 60% Malays in Malaysia, is this the kind of leader that you are going to support to defend the Malay rights? The heartless, unsympathetic, ruthless and rich ones who forget their own roots?

SkyJuice7, gives me the link below:

If you want to hear Nurin’s family’s side of the story, go to It’s written by her uncle.

21 thoughts on “Patutkah kita terus undi Barisan Nasional, UMNO dan Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz

  1. It’s already hard losing a loved one, especially the way Nurin’s parents lost theirs but still, there are some bafoons in this country. What is the point of bring Nurin’s parents to court? They should go arrest the criminal 1st la, yoh they are so free until need to find extra things to do.

  2. “….Undang-undang tetap undang-undang dan kita kena ambil tindakan kerana antara Rukun Negara kita adalah untuk menegakkan undang-undang”….

    it’s statement like this which made me not to read the papers anymore… it makes me just so damn angry.

    heading over to that blog now.

  3. agnes – Yeah, if you read Malaysia-Today, you may feel a little hopeful. 😉

    zewt – Next they will be pulling in the Agong and God’s name to defend their lame excuses.

    ree nee – I am appalled that it comes from one Muslim to another. I have a lot of respects for Muslims for their strong faith in tragedies but these other folks seem to have forgotten what is being Muslim, i.e. being caring, thoughtful and real simpati. Every politicians just want to get their voices and their ‘smart’ views heard, ridding on the publicity.

  4. When we see and smell the huge ROT going on all around us, I don’t think anyone can still stick to everyday navel-gazing, the kids, and nail-polish.

    We just have to say, IT STINKS!!!!

    Bravo to 5X Mom.

  5. I know it’s a difficult decision but I made up my mind long ago. It’s never them and never will be that way after all this hands off issues. I am saddened.

  6. you don’t think the moron who blatantly said the chief justice is not the person the lawyer talked to over the phone (in the latest video-clip scandal) simply because the chief justice whispered to him so will care about the citizens, do you?

    vote wisely dude …

  7. stocktube – While I welcome your comments, I don’t welcome you coming around telling people what to do. You are stocktube aka no-name, geddit? So, don’t give patronising comments like these. This is my blog, remember? You got an issue with the government, you take it on your blog. Who are you calling dude here? You think my readers enjoy your comments like these?

  8. I don’t think anyone should blame the parents. They are grieving for their daughter for god sake.

    I wonder why this Nazri likes to say things at the wrong time to the wrong person all the time.

  9. What’s wrong with Stocktube’s comment?

    I think you read it wrong. He was actually in support of your blog, but you threw it back in his face..?

    BTW, Stocktube is a respected local blogger. Even Jeff Ooi reads him and has mentioned him in Screenshots and in his CNET Asia column. One of his posts on oil prices was also featured in the Wall Street Journal.

    I think he makes at least as much as, or probably much more, than bloggers in trading stocks and commodities.

  10. alex – Excuse me, bring the popcorn for me, pls.

    mh – Look here, why you so kepoh. I said I don’t need ppl to use my comment board and leave comments in the tone stock tube did., It is none of your business to stand up for him or is it her? I don’t care how influential or not but stock tube is just a nick name. i cannot account for it if I get into trouble. I do not know him/her. Who cares lah, it is Jeff Ooi or Wall Street Journal or the PM he/she knows. My blog, geddit? No one comes to my blog and tell my readers in tone like stock tube did. I have seen enough of such patronizing comments many times.

    Sometimes, I intentionally get my posts in tones that are meant to mindfucked people. I purposely want to reach out to those who aren’t sure of the current happenings. So, I don’t need people to try to act smart here. Get lost.

  11. Sigh… these people are mad la… want to use duno harmiq law to punish the parents… Sigh… their child died in such a horrific manner is not enough punishment meh!? Some more want to add on with such cruel words…. MAD big time!!


  12. That Nazri?? His talk still got credibility nowadays?
    What would happen if his daughter in Nurin’s place..?? I’m sure NO punishment in this world as hard as what Mr Jazimin has to go through now..

    My vote will definitely against Nazri for this coming GE..

  13. just look at today’s headline in STAR paper, 2 women have been killed, this is god damn normal in Malaysia nowadays !

    i feel so so so worried for the safety, i’m not even feel safe being at home, where else can i go or turn to ? the fact is it doesn’t matter whether u are a nanny, milf, teenager, toddler, babe .. so long u got a hole somewhere in between, u might get screw big time !

    better watch out !

  14. kita mesti undilah pakatan rakyat hadapan rakyat malaysia,sebab malaysia 52 tahun rasuah terlalu seriuas.mesti tukar gov….

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