I is rude, you is stupid

Yes, this is dedicated to my troll with the nickname M.

You certainly enjoy reading my blog and replying the comments from my commentors, don’t you.

I just made you look so stupid. There is not a cuss words in my post now but you went on and on and on with your theory that I am a bad mother, scumbag, woman with no future in life and you pity my kids. Nice!

You know I don’t curse like you guys especially the so called MOTHER. Yea… yea… bla…bla… It is because of people like YOU… other Fellow bloggers are facing lots and lots of problems… Now… stop it or you will be stopped… We have your pictures… we know where you are… and please… act wisely… Don’t tell us that we don’t warn you… Now… this country though not as great as other advanced countries around the world we still have freedom and peace. So, don’t try to be funny by stirring it up. Now, fire is hot.. then try not to burn yourself…cuz it may not as crunchy as it sounds like. My advice…. please stop cursing… I am very sure your blog will gain more attention if you stop cursing… (taken from this comment)

Dude, get your identity cleared up?  How many people are in your head?  Is it ‘I’ or is it ‘we’?  Ada makan ubat kah?

And please feel free to comment again.  I am very bored wei, gimme more.  Flame nice…

Cincau sama Alex, popcorn and coke pushcart, please!  Blek.

21 thoughts on “I is rude, you is stupid

  1. Dear aunty Lilian,

    Thank you for publishing my comments. I appreciate it. I know that I have made my statement clear here and the questions of who I am and who we are is none of your business. But, let me repeat that by cursing and using abusive words in your blog has somehow gained our interest in stopping this from continuing. No religion in this world would permit its followers to curse, and being a mother like yourself…it makes it even worst. My intention is not threatening people or fellow bloggers…I just don’t like Malaysians becoming more rude and ending up as nothing but RUDE society. Thus, we would like to stop this. Thank you for your replies and please behave. You are not a small kid anymore… you are a mother and a mother should/must/have to set good examples to your own kids and to people around you. Unless your are otherwise… Thank you again aunty Lilian. Have a wonderful day and stop cursing ok. Be a good aunty.

    5xmom says..
    *itu komen masuk spam bin lah sebab manyak spammy mia pasal*

    Nah, video for M.

  2. Little Ray – You just love this, don’t you. LOL. He dare not post from his opis, sked I track his IP.

    moo_t – I rulez!

    erina – So sohai lari topic. I tok 3, he tok 4.

  3. Ooooohhhh.. familiar. very familiar.

    M, you know we love your drama! 😀 Is that another attention seeking stunt? But nonetheless, lemme be a bit rude and speak on behalf of Lilian – thanks for your comment. Wahahahahahahahaha!

  4. Cool! Coward hiding behind anonymous…Now, where is the soda guy…WAITER!!! Oh, a popcorn and some chocolates to go with that please….

  5. Hi Lilian, I visit your blog but seldom post any comments but this time, I cannot tahan liao…

    Erm..M, talk is cheap, don’t be a coward lar…show us your HOLY MOLY blog! can?

  6. I can start Dictionary of Cursing – Malaysian Style if anyone needs it. Sinkapo already publish on liao.

    Policing ppl’s conversation is none of 3rd party’s business.

  7. agnes – That guy prolly forget to take his Xanax lah. Forgive him for he does not know what he is doing. *slaps forehead*

    vincentchow – This come from my old post. Cincauhangus gave me.

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