KUALA LUMPUR: To keep children safe from danger, the Prime Minister has suggested that a single session for schools be implemented.Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this would mean students starting school as they were doing now and ending at 4pm.

“If it can be done, it will be a massive exercise,” he told reporters yesterday after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting.

“This will be a relief when both parents know their children are in school so they will be safer.”

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With all due respect to Pak Lah and his efforts in preventing deaths and rapes, I think there are many things we have to take into consideration before we implement this idea.

School starts at 7 + am and finished at 1 pm to 2.30 pm right now.
We live in a hot tropical country and many classes barely have fans that work. The schedule is taxing as it is. How can we subject our kids to cram into the type of classrooms we have from 7 am right till 4 pm and then attend further curricular activities until their parents finished work at 5pm?

I am a mother who has sacrificed my job to be there for my kids. So, why should I want to have them stuck in school for such a long time when I can provide them a home instead of cold, hard floors of the school?

I live next to the primary school and year in year out, I have seen so many poor kids stuck in school until they parents fetch them after their work.

If the Government is really caring, we should have thought of these little children many, many years ago. How hard is it for the Government to set up day care centres where school children have a nice, comfortable place to go to after school. Some place where they can just relax, take a bath, have their meals and play. PLAY. How expensive can it be to build such buildings and provide the basic amenities? I know some Chinese schools took the initiative and they do have such facilities, funded by the parents and run by volunteers.

One more thing, teachers are already going crazy over the kids. Yes, nowadays school kids are terribly hard to manage. Give them more hours to stay with kids, they will end up in the asylum.

Therefore, I hope our leaders will give due thoughts and implement something for these latchkey kids. I am sure the number of latchkeys kids in our country is huge.