No Pak Lah, I don’t want my kids to go for single session school

KUALA LUMPUR: To keep children safe from danger, the Prime Minister has suggested that a single session for schools be implemented.Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this would mean students starting school as they were doing now and ending at 4pm.

“If it can be done, it will be a massive exercise,” he told reporters yesterday after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting.

“This will be a relief when both parents know their children are in school so they will be safer.”

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With all due respect to Pak Lah and his efforts in preventing deaths and rapes, I think there are many things we have to take into consideration before we implement this idea.

School starts at 7 + am and finished at 1 pm to 2.30 pm right now.
We live in a hot tropical country and many classes barely have fans that work. The schedule is taxing as it is. How can we subject our kids to cram into the type of classrooms we have from 7 am right till 4 pm and then attend further curricular activities until their parents finished work at 5pm?

I am a mother who has sacrificed my job to be there for my kids. So, why should I want to have them stuck in school for such a long time when I can provide them a home instead of cold, hard floors of the school?

I live next to the primary school and year in year out, I have seen so many poor kids stuck in school until they parents fetch them after their work.

If the Government is really caring, we should have thought of these little children many, many years ago. How hard is it for the Government to set up day care centres where school children have a nice, comfortable place to go to after school. Some place where they can just relax, take a bath, have their meals and play. PLAY. How expensive can it be to build such buildings and provide the basic amenities? I know some Chinese schools took the initiative and they do have such facilities, funded by the parents and run by volunteers.

One more thing, teachers are already going crazy over the kids. Yes, nowadays school kids are terribly hard to manage. Give them more hours to stay with kids, they will end up in the asylum.

Therefore, I hope our leaders will give due thoughts and implement something for these latchkey kids. I am sure the number of latchkeys kids in our country is huge.

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  1. To add on to that. studying is not as easy as talking. You do not go to class, sit and just listen. It’s tiring, It’s an effort. At the rate that we are going with our education it is tiring enough – what more to say longer hours?

  2. I totally agree. kesian budakbudak tu. Sometimes I think the people who shoot their mouths off with their ‘fantastic’ ideas should live in the real world instead of opening their pie hole and revealing how stupid they really are.

  3. Try staying in a damn class for just the normal time schedule and you’ll be restless enough.

    Setting us in such a schedule would be just the same as being full time working adults. MINUS the BASIC FREEDOM! You can’t even walk around without being yelled at…damn it.

    Furthermore, they expect us to cramp in all those lessons taught in one day into our heads? They must think we’re some super-smartass that cannot experience mental fatigue.

    Students are gonna forget everything that is taught and marks are gonna drop. We’ll eventually get tired and start sleeping during classes. Then arise ‘disciplinary problems’.

    Well, adding another few more hours into schooling time and we’re sure gonna make irrational actions due to confinement.

    I just wanna ask, anyone who is working. Are you expected to listen to instructions and lessons throughout the time at your office? Do you have to sit down and shut up and not get up from your seat? Will you get a ‘lecture’ for talking to your co-workers or friends? I am guessing the answer is no to those questions.

    I love our country but not the damn leaders.

  4. This is just crazy. There is so much more to life and lessons in life than the classroom, not that our standard of education is improving. Sigh

  5. They have been talking abt this single long hour session for years. Based on MOE track record in these few years, I think it will come true if rakyat don’t really sound it out.

  6. My gawd… i usually sleep in school wan. summore sekolah kebangsaan teacher very lazy, they dun teach much except for a few teacher. And then sekolah kebangsaan is so damn hot. If those kids go private school then understandable la, bcos they have air-cond in their classroom and swimming pool! Even the have nice shower room. If Pak Lah want to make such rule, he better improve the facilities and quality in sekolah kebangsaan first.

  7. I don’t understand why we’re shifting more and more responsibility towards teachers.

    When a kid broke his arm or get killed at 3 pm, now they got someone else to blame. Blame the teachers.

    I think teachers nowadays are already stressed out. if you can’t handle 2-3 kids at home, imagine supervising hundreds at school. And no .. you can’t cane them either.

    Come on lah Mr Prime Minister, whose idea is this? Sounds really bad to me

  8. Hmm…. actually not a bad idea la.. Our lausi mausi PM got say mah… incorporate co-curriculum and tuition activities into the school hours mah… Actually, if there is a balance of co-curriculum activities and studies throughout the day, it should be OK la.

    Eh, when I say co-curriculum, I meant those interesting one la.. not those sai type la… things like maybe students can chose subjects like music, dance, drama & arts, gymnastics, creative writing, duno what else interest teenagers la… (oh dear!!! I am so not happening la!)

    Of course must have shower rooms for student to bath and change la!! The weather here like sai… heat stroke ah!

    But than again, our government is good at coming up with brilliant ideas but when it comes to implementing.. aiyoo.. everybody want to enter the audit general year book… what also fail ler..

  9. suckks…4pm damn long some more scholl no aircond, i just planned to be SAHM to take care of my kids…I tot I could spend more time with them.

    Hell… if till4pm mean they eat outside food, they feel tired and offcourse i’ll be stuck in damn traffic jam
    why they’re so short-thinker-cannot be a leader la like this,, they always make decision thinking the sequence

  10. Our ministers are specialised in treating the leg when you got headache!

    BTW, I just came over from, noticed your related post file –single.php returned with fatal error, and comment box not showing up, plugins not compatible with WP2.3? (That’s in IE)

  11. Europe and US school has summer break. Now AAB don’t want to give the student and teacher a heat wave break.

    And for vernacular school, this will be a mission impossible, because there isn’t enough class room, because the f*cking government take our tax money but discriminate vernacular school by holding the resources! I suspect the idea are political driven, by putting a “good intention” sheep skin .

  12. Hi Lillian,
    Agreed. Just look at what all these ppl. think!
    Always the easy way out! Begining to get ideas coming out from their backsides! Sometimes one get to question the qualifications for becoming a Minister!
    DUH! Geeeze! Just imagine doing ‘homework’ in school!

    Birds Talking

  13. lol… another self proclaimed brilliant idea from uhh you know which hole!

    i study in chinese private secondary school before, school starts at 7.30am till 2.30pm, additional tuition classes given to students until 4.30pm, and sometimes cocurricular activities can add up to uhh you know how long.

    i reach home sometimes by 7pm.

    but that’s secondary school la. meaning i can take care of myself lar.

    and PRIMARY school kids? until 4pm?

    you ought to be kidding.

    and imagine the traffic! rush hour traffic when office ppl go back home is bad enuff already, now u wanna add in more traffic jam during that time by making more parents go fetch their children.

    sucks even bad.

  14. Thanks for all your comments.

    I think the most eye-opening comes from my own son #2. He is only 15 years old and yet, can figure out the matter better than anyone ermmm in the almari, I mean cabinet.

    I didn’t dictate what he wrote, but I did took out some cuss words. LOL. Like mother, like son.

  15. Impossible can have it implemented one… Now we have morning and afternoon session, this is because the school cannot accommodate students all in one session, so have to split. If to make it one session, that would mean they have to rebuild the school blah blah blah… How to do it? With the limited space and too many students summore. Not like in the US where they have cafetaria, then have shower rooms, gyms, swimming pool etc. Our country is not up to this standard yet. In their dream la if they want to implement.

  16. It’s very funny how i got here, i was curious to know when was the last time the SPM paper got leaked to many. Instead i found
    your blog bout the SPM.

    Damn, you gotta be kidding, 7.30 > 4.00? Last year which i was standard 6. Starting from February (If im not mistaken), Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday i will have extra class for UPSR, Starting from 1.15 to 3.30. My class will start at 7.30, ends at 12.45. Then we will have a break for 20 minutes..

    Well, my mum is business woman, No time to pick me up, so as my father who is working as medical lab at college so no time also. I am forced to sit bas that cost RM50 a month, Because of extra class, which the driver have to fetch us on 3.30, It cost RM70 (RM50+RM20). I can’t even barely pay attention to teacher and is very hard to stay awake.

    What does the PM thinks we are? If this goes for every week, i’ll get sick of school . I won’t even have time to do things i like. No time to play basketball, no time for TV.

    Right now, which i am form 1, school starts at 12.45 and ends at 6.45 but this month end at 5.45 because of puasa, well people always say form 1 is the year that you will enjoy life. Which i sometimes do.

    Tomorrow exam i got Art and Moral paper to do, i should not spend too much time her. Im off to study.

  17. where do u think our pn picked up his ‘too ku keh’ habit from? when he was in the classroom, of course!

    is this the best retort to give it back to him!

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