One stupid question – Do you?


On Mondays and Thursdays, my niece-in-law helped me to clean house. I got home on Monday noon and found my pink bear sitting down so cute. I threw my camera bag down and snap this photo with my DSLR because at that moment, I realized something. A mystery. And also a childhood trauma.

My father is a very strict disciplinarian and I know my two sisters who are 14 yrs and 10 yrs older than me had been drilled by the commando to do many things. I was the unlucky (or sometimes lucky) kid who was born too late and father was long gone before I grew up. So, I was spared from many things.

I have never folded blankets or make my beds neat in all my entire life. Except maybe on those first few nights when I bunked in with my boyfriend who is now my legit husband. Trying to make good first impression mah. One night stands don’t require folding blankets, only serious relationships.

I mean why would anyone waste five minutes of their lives doing something useless like folding blankets? You tell me lah.

1) If you go out to work, who the hell cares if your bed is messy?
2) If you are at home with kids, they will most likely messed up again.
3) If you are like me, I will be spending most of my time with the blanket, lots of pillows and bolster.

Moreover, if you don’t fold your blankets and your monster-in-law looked at you with disapproving looks, you can tell her with innocent face, “Why? Cannot meh? I just had hot sex in bed with your son and I am too tired to fold.” And if those are your IBS (sis-in-law lah), maybe you can steal a middle finger and point at them when they aren’t looking.

Correct or not, people? Folding blankets are mere waste of time, right? Time that could be spent digging your boogers. That way, you don’t need to steal a few seconds at the traffic lights to dig your nose.

So who folds and who don’t? Confession time!

23 thoughts on “One stupid question – Do you?

  1. I am way over 30, my mother still check whether I fold my bed or not if I stay at her house. Growing up, I would argue, fold already still hv to unfold what. my mother would say like that eat already still need to eat, don’t need to eat lah….:-)

  2. we have doona here which are easy to organise, just lift it high & let it drop down over the bed neatly, double as a bedspread too! easy! hehehehe

  3. Maybe once in a blue moon yes. When we’re doing “spring cleaning” for our room LOL.

    By the way, sketchcast is lagging your blog when it’s playing.

  4. i used to have a messy house until i found my other half. it was so messy u cant even see the floor but now im neater than previously cos its just more soothing & relaxing to come back to a neat house & a made up bed, like hotel ma

  5. eat already still need to eat, don’t need to eat lah


    I don’t fold mine too. I go to bed at anytime wan, so fold also no use.

    Btw, we are lousy drawer using mouse! Haha…

  6. eheheh
    monster-in-law..kakaka..i learn a new vocab today.
    my hubby and i found a new solution. with the lil’ kiddo around the bed cant seem to be neat even if we tidy it. so we forgo the bed folding bed making thingy. we tuck the comforter on top of the clothes rail and if we have visitors …hahah worst all the pillow and bolster goes int he cupboard….hahahha
    good ya

  7. Interesting question. When I’m here, just use blanket, most of the time i don’t fold wan, unless got visitors. When i’m overseas…. use duvet… then memang no need fold.. just pull a bit here, a bit there, bed tidy liau.

  8. Wuahah… I made my confession here. I don’t fold my blankets and keep my bed tidy. Same reason…mah.. I always lie on the bed after a few hours’ blogging. Why fold it ? Unless I have a Outri to order around in the house.

    By the way, my buddy’s maid is called Putri. Can you imagine asking Putri to do housework for you…;D ? Funny !

  9. i don’t fold my blanket because half a day later, i’d be unfolding it to go to bed anyway! waste of energy lah. same thing with my clothes, i only fold those i rarely wear (the pretty ones that i only use for big occasions like dinners or official events) coz within the next few days i will be using it again mah.

  10. I was forced to fold my blanket since a child. If I don’t it for one day, she will lock me in the bathroom as punishment.. *sked sked* So I’m already used make my own bed now…

  11. L’abeille – Wuah, so charrmmm…lucky my mom not so strict with me. Or maybe she did but I was too wilful.

    carm – Yay, my kind of gal! I oso never fold laundry unless absolutely necessary. Fai si. Sai hei. Mou wai. Sai see kan.

    vedis – Yalor, more homely mah, hor? All neat neat like no cosy anymore.

    theodwyn – Wuah, those cold countries, if have to fold, die lor, so heavy materials.

    mendee – Hahaha, can break good habits oso wan.

    little ray – Very nice to play with but if only I know what to say. Not sure the voice loud or not cos it was 3 am and I was talking to myself at the laptop. Like wacko like that.

    froginkl – That’s why my home, no visitors welcome unless prior notice. But the sis-in-law (four of them) never care wan, die die must invade without notice. Sienz until now I no fark care messy or what.

    bryan – Yalor, so hard to control the mouse. MSN I oso installed the latest version oso can draw like this.

    budokid – My atm neater than me. He folded his own laundry. Wait for me meants like mountain so high.

    alex – Ya, once during Chinese New Year only. Once a year.

    wuching – Your house always so neat mah? See your video with those star wars all stacked up, die lor, if I married to you. Stressed!

    leah – Hahaha, your mom so pandai to reason.

  12. NEVER! like u said, wasting time nia. i’d be better off doing something more useful than folding blankets and making my bed.

  13. Actually, I like to see my bed nicely covered with the blanket. I don’t do it so often but when I see the bed with the same color and design of pillow cases and blanket cover, I feel good.

  14. I still fold becoz I have to. My mom is another disciplinarian.

    Whenever my mom/dad folds my blanket, I feel guilty-la. Paiseh……..

  15. Jus for the record, Mrs BB and I don’t fold the blankets unless we r expecting visitors and we do our lundry n marketing once a week. 🙂

  16. No need la… make what bed?? Waste time only got! My bed is always looking like I left it.. unless it is wash bedsheet time which is twice a month lor…. Other than that, everyone who knows me is very used to seeing my bed the way it is… pillows everywhere, blanket half falling off the bed, teddy bears all over the place… Hehehe..

    Yah, my mother also very strict but I also don’t care la.. I tell her if she dun like, than dun c lor!!!!

  17. . . . I felt like an Alien after reading the above comments.

    My mum transformed me into a bed-making machine!

    The most ridiculous thing is.. I even fold my blanket when I stayed over in a hotel!!!


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