Happy Post!

What can be happier than a lala wall hanging with love hearts in purple, pink and fuschia?


Nothing else is more cheerful, I tell you! It is the most cheerfulest thing in the world. A woman needs silly stuffs like these once in a while to feel a woman, you?

I had spent the whole of last weekend walking around all the furniture stores in Penang to buy that darn desk and chair. All the furniture stores now no longer make desks. Only computer tables. Or director’s desk that are 6 foot long. What do I need a six foot long table for? I am not Pretty Woman nor my loukong Richard Gere ok? (nay, that piano thingie? You kids won’t know what I am talking about because our cinemas censored that scene.)


Finally, tonight after dinner, hubby decided to go get the last table from the Ikea of Penang, Mekio (in Kinta Lane, old Rex cinema) because I keep pouting. I wanted that desk and I wanted it like since last Saturday. It was perfect in size and looks new to me but he refused because it is the last piece. He said he doesn’t buy last piece leftovers. He even offered to drive me to Ikea but I cannot wait longer. I must have it or else I dream also dream of the table.


I also got myself a high back LAN (some netting thingie they call lan) chair with leather seat. Fuyoh, now I feel like a taukeh soh. Or problogger. Or both.


*keep pressing the happy button more often*

Tell me you like my lala, love hearts, purple, pink and fuschia wall hanging. SAY NICE!

26 thoughts on “Happy Post!

  1. Lil Ms Pinky – Nice hor? So sweet. Only RM28. No need to paint my bedroom pink already. This weekend I go buy pink curtains somemore.

  2. samm – Kenot…later I ter-sit on my webcam and telecast live all over the internet how lah? Cilaka MSN rosak jor.

    KSin – abuden? I still young inside and OUTSIDE la woi.

  3. Wah Lilian, I like ler! Since I’m still renting a house now, I dare not touch, hammer, screw or paint anything to my liking around here……

    IF ONLY i have a place to call my own…. *sobs*

  4. Where is my Happy Button???? I wanna press!!

    Been walking around to look for an office table and a quality chair for some time liao, didn’t see any that I like. Sienz…

  5. i know what you mean about them either making computer tables or big huge oak tables…i also hunted high and low in penang for a nice desk that didnt cost like RM1k! finally found one i truly loved from IKEA.
    and I LOVE those hearts! (think i’ve seen them somewhere but cant remember where!) sure match with your pink curtains!! go pink go! 🙂

  6. larling ah! my wife wants that love hearts curtain wor, she saw them in KL but forgot to buy them. where u get them from ah? i paypal u u buy & send to me can onot? *wink wink* email me lah wokay?

  7. Wahhh… Soooo pink!!

    Hehehe.. I used to have the same notepal but now, I’ve *ahem* upgraded to the Zalman notebook cooler. Much better and quieter but tonnes more expensive. :-S

    Anyway, love the hearts as a decoration piece. Certainly brings out the mood. 😉

  8. Angie – I actually hate this notepal cos it is so heavy, so sharp edges and my fingers kept getting sliced with it. But loukong bought so I kena diam-diam. Got anything that weighs less?

    wuching – Tell you what, I go see still got stock or not, but and I get yr addy? That is when I go out next.

    moo_t – 🙁

    mendee – got got, purple shoelaces oso got. Wait I take pic. My mouse is pink logitech. Must go get pink mouse pad too.

    lingzie – I kenot use this as a partiotioning curtain, my loukong will die of irritation if he has to walk thru them. So deal is to hang it on the wall. Hehehe.

    byran – Happy button in the pocket. Instead of buying RM80 clerk chair, I buy director’s chair. Mah happy lorrrr..

    Yahor, today Parkson sale, I go sart SKII in the amount my chettiar banked in for me, lagi happy.

  9. hi lilian,
    i can’t seems to be able to view ur pictures anymore.
    i did some ‘cleaning’ for my computer, (by deleting some unused programmes) i must have deleted the programme for pic viewing.
    can u tell me which is it, so that i can download it back n then i can view all the stuff that makes u so happy!!!


  10. Hohohooh,

    I just bought a new notebook too and for 2 weeks already I refuuused to make use of it because of the same problem…. all the home office tables look bloody geeky. The only place that sells decent looking ones is unfortunately, again, Ikea.

    Can I make you drool over what the Americans enjoy, nice oak, beech wood, mahogany country homely looking home office tables. They are all over amazon.com under home office tab, but dang! The price is cheaper than Ikea yet they won’t send it to M’sia, boleh tak!

  11. nice hearts,nice table,nice chair…i also bought that same comfortable chair with netting at the back from Mekio,Gurney some months back…they told me it is the last one left……but i still buy it….

  12. who wants the latest catalog from ikea?
    i can go there this weekend n u boys n girls can catalog shop before coming to KL.

    Luckily you didn’t wait to come to ikea, not much pink stuff.

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