PGCC – No to trees cutting

I just told someone yesterday that I am going to do what the piggies above are doing. See no evil, hear no evil and write no political stuffs. But hor…I rarely keep promise wor. So, how lah?

Ok, I won’t comment anything. I just share pics only, ok?


These are very old trees. I pass by this road every day on my way home. So, when I stop at the traffic lights for 120 seconds, what do you expect me to do wor? I took out my camera, wind down the window and snap the pics, ok?


This is the Penang Turf Club and soon, the horses are going elsewhere. To cheaper land on the mainland. In it’s place, a spanking new PGCC like KLCC.

OK, like I said, I am those piggies up there. I say nothing, I hear nothing and I say nothing.


18 thoughts on “PGCC – No to trees cutting

  1. Ok lah, young people speaks here. I will say build the PGCC, widen the road, then the tree, take it out, plant it somewhere first or permanently, or then when PGCC is done, move it into PGCC. =) tree can move one ma, AFAIK. take out, put it in again.

  2. this piece of land in fact should be preserve for its historical value!
    Wat a work from the.. gah-mehn
    Cant they just cash-in money from other place, other than this land??
    And the trees, it took hundred years or more than that to develop to such size.

    this is an act of envorinment and built environment deterioration. it should be stopped!!!

    Nuff of the PORR and this nonsense! Look at what has happened to gurney drive, it used to be a place where people go to enjoy the night blowing breeze. Now, people were seen walking fast across with their nose covered.

    -Sorry sorry.. too emo-

  3. Please do something to prevent cutting of those trees. I can’t do anything as I am from INDIA. But today is world tourism day. At least in this day we’ll take oath that prevent trees to enhance rain…

  4. See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil
    See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil
    See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil
    See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil
    See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil
    See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil


  5. Screw again! I am already objecting against the action to cut the tree in front of our balcony…what else those century old trees? Don’t let Penang have the cityscape of KL. We don’t need two…

  6. Little Ray – Wah, I delete liao lor. I thot it is related to the trees cutting. Ish.

    #2 – Wanna get clorox to wash your mouth issit? I say kenot say liao mah?

  7. wahahahahahahahahaha!!

    i imagine hor, when ur son comment on your blog, do you go, “NUMBER 2!!!!” in the house or not? or what stays on the blog, stays on the blog?

    Yes, I totally agree with what have been said. I am against PGCC like it or not. It’s totally not a necessity but just a luxury. Screw that! Dear Mr Prime Minister, are you out of your mind? 🙁

  8. Sick of Penang’s developer that only concerns about making money . How many years do we need to grow a tree like this.. and Penang will be hell -like hotter … … might not even suit for living in the 20 years to come… sick of it ! sick of it! sick of it!

    Gay-ver-man only concern making their gay money.. how bout penangites? PGCC? or for the sake of developing the pole-itik-siens pocket ?

    transplant the tree. not cut the tree!!!

    Protest ! protest! protest!

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