I just told someone yesterday that I am going to do what the piggies above are doing. See no evil, hear no evil and write no political stuffs. But hor…I rarely keep promise wor. So, how lah?

Ok, I won’t comment anything. I just share pics only, ok?


These are very old trees. I pass by this road every day on my way home. So, when I stop at the traffic lights for 120 seconds, what do you expect me to do wor? I took out my camera, wind down the window and snap the pics, ok?


This is the Penang Turf Club and soon, the horses are going elsewhere. To cheaper land on the mainland. In it’s place, a spanking new PGCC like KLCC.

OK, like I said, I am those piggies up there. I say nothing, I hear nothing and I say nothing.