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I read Michael Cheang’s review (coff, coff, coff) of Lust, Caution starring Tang Wei and Tony Leung yesterday. I seriously like Michael Cheang (more ahak, ahak, ahak) articles in the papers and know MC as MC before I put the blogger with the ID. In fact, I even have the luck to bump into him at the Asian X-Games once. Skinny. Real skinny.

Anyway, that review has intrigued me enough to want to go for a movie, alone. The last Ang Lee’s movie I watched was Broke Backmountain, courtesy of Unka Ho. I watched with hubby, minus the kids. Hubby got disgusted with the uncensored parts and he read the paper and dozed off. *piak self, why did I find that man romantic 20 years ago?*

I like these sort of intense movie where they deal with the emotions. Did you watch Face Off? That’s another one of those movies that touched right down to the core of your heart. Well, hubby cannot go to the movie with me because my #5 is like superglue. I even have to ask his permission to shit! No shite. His brothers all told me “MOM, YOU ARE SPOILING THE KID!” But what to do…if I take a dump without telling him, he is going to knock on my door. So, it is always, “Darling, mommy wants to ng-ng, then pom-pom, ok? You don’t come and disturb me, ok?”

And we will follow with….”Miss you, love you, see you later…” Muaks muaks muaks… So, I can forget about any movie date with the atm. We cannot go anywhere alone with the kid and I am not having a four years old to disturb me.

*sigh* You would think an older kid or two wouldn’t mind tagging along with their poor,old, lonely mama. But no……this is what one of them asked me, “Eh, why they produce movies like that? Fantasy kah? Ang Lee is gay, issit? If not, how is he able to feel these kind of feelings? Why you want to watch these kind of movies? Fantasy kah?” See? How to bring a big mouth, Mr. Smart-ass along to movies like that?

To think of all the X-Men, Spiderman, Happy Feet, Hakuna matata, The Incredibles tortures that I had gone through, sacrifices that I had done…..and I got no one to watch a movie with me. Well, not that I need their company ‘cos I can have the popcorn all to myself. I hate passing popcorn.

Then, I tried to recall when was the last time I went to a cinema to watch a movie. ALONE. And shite, the cinema has now turned into a furniture hypermarket. It was in Rex Theatre and I watched Desperately Seeking Susan (I think) alone because I broke up with one bf then. I took annual leaves and watched movies alone.

So, yes, in all my entire life, I think I only watch movies alone like four times. That’s like once every ten years. So, should I go and see this Lust, Caution alone? What language is it? Canto? Mandarin?

10 thoughts on “Movie alone – Lust, Caution

  1. I think the movie is in mandarin.

    Never like to watch movie alone coz it looks kinda odd going to the cinema where people comes in pairs or group and like you are a loner or something.

  2. How to make people buy ticket to a movie similar to “Sense and Sensibility” ? Ang Lee answer : Make it a boom, not using typical everyday man and woman story. Thus Brokeback mountain. 🙂 I bet lots of curious people being con. ROFL.

  3. Yes go watch it! MUST WATCH! It’s in Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, all kinda languages spoken in the movie.

    Brilliant movie. And I’ve watched it twice in the cinema. And am considering to watch it again….

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