The week that was

It’s the weekend. Let me go back and see what profound posts I had written during the whole week. Sometimes, I crapped too much I forgot what I did in the past week. That’s why I have 12KMom to keep me focus.

I am going to try keeping this once a week reflections, blog by blog so that I can recollect how I spent my days.

Faith Journey
I spent more time on my faith blog than usual because of the overwhelming feelings of being richly blessed by the Almighty. I thank God for the wonderful kids I have. But at the same time, the part that I am trying to run away from, i.e. grief support, tugged me back again as newly bereaved moms just came to us. Believing in God when there is nothing else to hold on to is the driving force why I like to keep myself busy.

Parenting blog
We happened to bump into my elder two kids kindie teacher whom was instrumental to their growing years when I was working. She was their full-day care teacher after my mom’s sudden death. An emotional post.

Women blog
Something I spewed out in a moment of anger when I couldn’t do it here. It may not make sense to anyone. It makes sense to me will do.

Karma Kameleon
Stupid name for a blog, I know. I cannot think of a name and I happened to see a chameleon on Zamzar’s site so I call it that. This has been my refuge. I wrote a lot of emo stuffs that I prefer no one reads. It is crazy but when I have the kind of traffic here, I no longer write anything that is ‘me’.

At least we have tried our best is something that I wrote in a spur of a moment. Wake me when September ends is another soppy moment.

Foods and Photo

I had done nothing to my food blogs nor photo blogs. Because they pretty much reflect my moods. No ooomph.

Make$ Money$

And on the Make$ Money$ front, I am neither happy nor proud but the blog has taken off more than I ever dream off. I could actually fool a lot of suckers into buying things they don’t need because I have people searching for ‘how to make money without money, how to scam to make money, how to make money fast etc etc’. I hope I stick to integrity.

Well, over on this blog…..what is so profound that I had written?
All the melodrama that I went through was due to Vincent’s birthday. I think I cried for two nights straight. Over nothing in particular but I got puffy eyes that looks like shit.

Some nuts actually failed to make me angry. Which I am quite proud of myself because I said what I wanted about Nurin‘s death and I do not care what nuts said.

The other post about paid post was written in defence of all the stay-at-home mothers. Many felt slighted with one person because of her farking self-righteous stand. The reason I didn’t reveal the URL is to give face and if I provoked others, I don’t give a damn.

And at the end of it, my emo trip is not so emo anymore. šŸ™‚

So, that was a pretty much emo week. But hey, I am targetting USD5 K for the month, so who gives a shit emo or not, right? Emo-er means I have more energy to focus on writing paid posts. Because I can forget things faster when I am busy filling up my gaji Excel spreadsheet.

Make me emo, emo, elmo, eyemo, sumo……

Watch out, lots of paid reviews coming up, including Viagra. Haih….

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