Bad publicity is still publicity

Someone is using my name to leave flame comments.


Up there, the one with gravatar is NOT me. Lucky the owner of the blog, iCalvyn alerted me to this. Sorry Calvyn for that flame and thanks for telling me and trusting that I am not the one who left the comment.

Well, to the kiddo who took the trouble to post comment using my name on iCalvyn’s blog, sorry to break your bubble. My reputation is not so easily challenged. And didn’t you learn in school that bad publicity is still publicity? You just helped me gain more credentials. I have people using 5xmom1 blogspot, I have people creating blogs using my 5xmom nick and on MyBlogLog, someone even claimed the blog as theirs. You just added another star for me. I am now famous! Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Bad publicity is still publicity

  1. alright, that was smart, real smart XD was laughing my arse off someone actually used ur nick to flame someone… it’s obviously not ur comment lo not ur style also haha

  2. Ai yoh… sian la if easily steal our identity and go to flame others, lucky Calvyn ask you about it, if not another misunderstanding.

  3. Good thing your friends know your real style. This flamer really playing with fire huh. Stealing identity and dare to use your pic somemore. Tsk tsk…

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