Weekends are so lonely

No one come to read my blog.

No one comment on my blog.

Traffic dropped 30%.

Jadi..tunggu apa lagi? Tulis untuk luit lah! Muahahar….

Come or not, I also cannot help it.

But if you are here, please visit my sponsors to find out how you can spend money and help donate towards breast cancer causes. Or if you need Viagra, I will bring it for you in the next post. Who knows…weekends, right? Some of my oldies may need a little boost.

I shouldn’t sound apologetic but I love you guys for reading almost all my blogs. Some even left comments in those posts that I never thought anyone reads. I owe it to you all to explain this.

BTW, do you remember the dollar-for-dollar pledge I gave to Yvonne? Well, the auction is over and I think the total comes up to a whooping RM400. I couldn’t afford that so I gave USD50 which was my intended sum. I am sorry I didn’t expect the figure to be that much. šŸ™‚

And do you remember the birthday post I did on ex-Terenceloh dot com’s blog? Two of them, Ray and Aaron did not take the angpow I offered and both Terence and I (I can hear Terence sneezing šŸ˜› because of his name mentioned so many times) gave the money to Penang Hospice. Along with my Blogathon pledge for DustyHawk (suppose to give to UNICEF but they don’t accept PayPal). Total was RM200 to Penang Hospice. Am stating it here or else people may say I run contest and tok kok but dunno real or not.

Have a good weekend to all, while I am slaving over here. *sniffs* If you have me on MSN, you will know what I am slaving for.

4 thoughts on “Weekends are so lonely

  1. wtf RM400 for the necklace. I sure can’t afford it. Okay la, don’t say I never visit your sponsors. Go look see look see all your sponsors šŸ˜›

  2. Bryan – Baru posted one more, now left only USD241 only. Sap sap liao. USA one day late mah. I still have 2 posts total USD117 and 11 posts total USD110. Fuyoh!!!! can can can.

    little ray – Two necklaces and the persons who bid didn’t take and give it back for further bidding. All the money will go to Yvonne’s care and cure for her cancer.

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