October is breast cancer awareness month


Ladies, remember to give yourself a self-examination for breast lumps every month. If you do not know how, just Google it. Don’t take for granted that cancer only strikes someone else and never you. I already had four breast biopsies when I was 22 years old. Twice on both breasts. I detected the lumps on my own, seen a plastic surgeon, he removed, missed on a couple of lumps, had it done again. Then, another time, I found lumps again on another breast and once again, got it removed but the surgeon missed out again and into the OT again I went.

All the surgeries were done by experts and there isn’t much scars.

So, go pink this month. Change your blog template to pink or something. Or write a post about cancer awareness. I have no personal experience with people with cancer so I cannot act passionate about this. If you do, please share it to bring awareness to everyone.


Last Saturday, I bought the prettiest pink set of bedroom quilt and bedsheet. It is embroidered and so, so pretty. 70% discount from Parkson. RM658 > RM197 only. Hubby said he is going move out and sleep with the kids already. Heehee…. Never mind, I got my pink bear, pink Vaio, pink phone and pink…….

13 thoughts on “October is breast cancer awareness month

  1. I love the pink floral bedsheets. So sweet ler!

    I’m single..very very single…I can use any color i want for my bedsheet… 😉

  2. Didn’t know that girls can get breast biopsies that easily..
    Know that guys can get breast cancer as well but the risk is not as high as girls..
    But honestly, having check up is really important I THINK..
    BECAUSE the newspapers said so…
    BECAUSE the radio said so..
    BECAUSE the TV said so..
    BECAUSE the blogger named Chan Li LIan said so..

  3. I did a Cancer Awareness campaign for my college assignment. MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) came in and help out, and we educated a lot of students and lecturers in our college about cancer too.

    Breast Cancer, happens to guys as well, around 2%. So don’t be too sure that we can relax about this.

    P.S. Guys should watch out for prostate cancer more.

  4. lilian, i have the same bedsheet too. U know what hubby do when i change to the bedsheet. he will tell me is time to change it to the safari bedsheet o.0

  5. I still dun know how to detect mine. I touch here and touch there still dun know what is lump an what is not lump. I think I need some expert to do it for me. I have my pap smear done but not this. I wonder when am I going to do it. I heard that mamogram is very painful. The machine press your nen nen till pi pi and then xray. Walao…I wonder how pi can my nen nen go. LOL

  6. Ha, my hubby and I have separate rooms. I sleep in mine and he sleeps in his. Good ! More privacy and personal space. I love it….;D

  7. Very nice…I like. Actually I don’t want to like pink because ppl always make fun of me but somehow I have a lot of pink. My DH will definitely not sleep on pink. Maybe I can dream for my daughter……pink, pink, pink….

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