VOTE FOR ME!!! at Chipster

While trawling Technorati, I found Leaxx7 mentioned that we need to vote for our Chipster moment. Lucky you tell me, Leaxx7. Otherwise, I missed this part. (I vote for you already, Leaxx7)

So, darlings sekalian, please can vote for me EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE, from 1st to 15th October, 2007?


Why must you do that leh?

I know lah, it is very selfish to ask people to go vote every day.

But hor, let’s say I win either the first two prizes, I give 10% of the cost of the price to charity. How about that wor? Can or not? That’s like RM300 liao wor. Cincai lah, every day one vote. No need to sign up anything wan.


The link to Chipster is :

I am at the far, far end at

page #22, contestant #318


Satu hari, satu kali.

Vote for me, pleaseeeee…..I buy you Chipster and promise to kapster more to entertain you guys. Vote, vote, vote. #320  318  on page 22.

21 thoughts on “VOTE FOR ME!!! at Chipster

  1. After I vote 4 u and u got the price. How am I going to claim the chipster from u lei……….hehehehehe……
    I belum try it, is it nice ? Ok GO GO GO……vote for lilian…

  2. Voted liao… Or else sure I kena gao gao…

    Anyway, some of the pictures are good and got high votes. Some of them really very normal but got high votes oso. What gives???

  3. (&#$(&#&(*$#&*($


    You go ask ur army of readers to vote for u.. then people like me sure no more chance 🙁

  4. boss stewie – MacBook worrrrrrr….must play dirty mah.

    angieT – yalor, I wonder how they select in the end?

    Little Ray – Bluff wan lah, voting only start yesterday, 1,800 votes, celebrities oso kenot get that kind of support lah. Like that Perez Hilton nomination? I sour grape, losing liao, say people cheat. Hahahaha.

  5. Hi Lilian,

    I’d like to bother you with an Off-Topic issue. The worldwide blogosphere is currently organizing a campaign to support a peaceful revolution in Burma. Probably you could have a look at and support this campaign and help to spread the word throughout the blogosphere.



  6. 1)Vote
    2)Go to Internet Options
    3)Under General tab, Delete Cookies.
    4)Repeat steps 1-3 over and over again.

    I’m not going to do that for you ah, Lilian. Not THAT free yet. lol.

  7. I am supporting kao kao and I forgot how many times my cookies have been cleared.

    Maybe there is a chance of people voting for themselves as well! 👿

  8. Boss Stewie, no worry. I oledy vote you liaw. Both of u will get my vote everyday. yeah…………

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