Bloggers have all the fun and how to go braless in front of postmen

Finally, I got my hands on the VISA debit card with USD300 from PayPerPost.

gift card -visa

Pretty eh?

These are some of the gifts I received in the last month. I got chocolates from Ewen, Shanghai mooncakes from Agnes, mooncakes from Robb and even had a nice chit-chat with Zach, Robb’s friend….and what else…I cannot remember liao.

Today, I got a belated birthday gift in the form of :


Oxygen mask! Fulamak, so shiok oni. Paul Pender organic oxygen mask. BTW, the photo has been given a blur effect to take away the blobs of uneven mask and my facial hair. Otherwise, I look like the Beast from Fantastic Four or is it Spiderman? Blek, I cannot remember superheroes’ names. Thank you, Samm.

So, I was told about the postman coming to my house this morning. But I overslept and at 11.30 am…with the cold breeze blowing on my face, dreaming of some knight in shining armor after the lorry load of brasso, drooling on the memory foam super expensive pillow, I was rudely awaken by the door bell. I know if I don’t rush out within 1 minute, the postman is going to leave and it means I have to drive far-far away to pick up the parcel myself.

*shriek!!!* How? Postman!!! 1 minute. How to put on a bra within 1 minute? So, I had to do the undignified thing of throwing my bath towel over my shoulder. I don’t want the Pak Pos to batal puasa, kan?

16 thoughts on “Bloggers have all the fun and how to go braless in front of postmen

  1. Hahahaha..Why cannot put a bra within i minute mehh? aiyohhh.. dun woli mom..pak pos wont batal pose.. just ask them to alose eyes lorr..hehehehehe…

  2. sesame – Yayaya, just like the makciks with the sarongs by the river side.

    samm – Kenot the WP got boobs booster, lagi dasyat.

    bryan – I use for online purchase of adwords and text links can liao. I kiamsiap wan, won’t use for anything except ads.

    papahorny – Tks for dropping by! Hahaha, 1 min. how to find a bra lah? You expert ke?

    aaron – Oi, I put disclaimer, I photoshop by adding blur filter jorr…Only blur filter, so ok lah, my face no craters, no panda eyes lah, all original.

  3. Eh.. you really photoshopped your photo?

    I thought to myself, “wow.. Lilian sure have super nice and smooth skin” until I saw your statement.. Haha.

  4. zara’s mama – Kautim. Eh, my skin memang nice wor, good genes from my mom. Kehkehkeh. I only blur a bit the sharp edges. Still real skin. Ask Sasha. Haha.

  5. so nice geh got ppp debit visa! how to get??? heheheh

    ur skin so smooth!! i was wondering if u secretly have a daughter or something

  6. th_c – P H O T O S H O P!!!! LOL.

    huei – Eh, you seen my real person mah? Real face got so ‘charn’ meh? Geek sum lorrrrr. Ask Belle, no make-up time, oso seen before. No wrinkles mah hor?

    Nay, I won that Thoof contest.

    moby – Eh, apa maksud lah. Sakit hati nyerrrr

    cbnec – LOL, I no wear contact lenses, don’t even know the posmen Indian, Chinese or Malay. Hahaha.

    wuching – Don’t you wish you are the posmen?

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