Nagger, PMR is almost over and more cryptic talk

The below is the MSN conver I had with my son. We are in different room, ok?

Far, far away because I live in a 16 rooms mansion so very hard to talk to each other.

N*gger is not nigger. Thakchek is study.


PMR is going to end soon! Whoopee! No need to be a nagger until November when #1 son has his SPM.

While talking Brasso and talking cryptic, here is the message to The One:

Go give those :


hell and kick their ass on D-Day. Good luck.


(green tee, courtesy of mott šŸ˜‰ and red tee courtesy of BBB)

and I am bored because I have no paid posts to write.

18 thoughts on “Nagger, PMR is almost over and more cryptic talk

  1. There can be only ONE.

    Your readers are lame. Where is that Terence anyway? The hensem one?

    You are back online. Get it?

  2. Mr One – …………………………………………….

    bryan – Got lah, I count my hamster’s cages got little rooms, my toilets, kurang-kurang also got 16 rooms.

    mott – Thanks for the T!

    erina – I retire liao, sienz.

    wuching – This is call self-control mah. If not hor, go up too high, very hard to find ladder come down later.

    wayne – My kids ah? Nag or no nag also never study wan. Buy the buku rujukan do stools only. Hahaha. Tuition oso no go.

  3. Mom, I am sad to tell you this…

    There are too many books in our house…

    Most of them we don’t even know it exists.

  4. Noun : nagger ‘nagu(r)’
    1. Someone (especially a woman/5xmom) who annoys people by constantly finding fault…

    2. An old or over-worked horse

    Verb : nag (naged, nagging) nag

    1. Bother persistently with trivial complaints
    “She nags her son all day long”

    2. Worry persistently
    “nagging concerns and doubts”

    3. Remind or urge constantly
    “she nagged to take a vacation”

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