Help me write my About page

I am all grown up now. On October 23rd, I will be a three years old blogger. You know what they say, terrible two but terrific three. My first post is call “Bloggers are weirdoes

I have no proper About page except whatever that got me to write on spur of the moment. Just for fun, how about I let you guys write my ABOUT page?

Give me a few lines in the comment, please? You know….like those little quips at the back of a New York bestseller hardcover?

“5xmom is a blogger that everyone loves to hate and yet, they cannot resist reading her blog.”


“My life change the day I stumbled upon 5xmom’s blog…”


“Since I read 5xmom, I have a hard time retaining an erection because that woman just pissed me off with her self-righteousness.”


“If anyone wants to become a monk or priest, they should read 5xmom more often because that woman can cause any man to mati pucuk (errm…what you call ED?)”


“When I grow up, I want to cuss like 5xmom.”

……. fill in your own ………………..

21 thoughts on “Help me write my About page

  1. oh, finally =D

    This is not something a one-liner can fully describe. Why not make people write a whole blog entry to describe you in your next Go Dot Com contest instead? haha.

    Here’s mine:

    “5xmom constantly reminds me of my mother and my faith, who never fails to inform and educate the public on Christianity, political events, the news, education, and her day-to-day life. Most of all, 5xmom rightfully deserves the credit for being able to be true to herself and be daring to be different compared to the rest (of the bloggers) at all times. She deserves what she has achieved today – Little Raymond

    Nice anot? Touched leh? Since you’re already touched, you can write one for me too for my profile info in my blog to thank me. Wakaka.

  2. At first glance, 5xmom is an obnoxious blogger who portrait herself as intelligent, sexy, rich and the star blogger who do not care what her readers think about her. Be patient, as you gradually look through her, you will find a genuine soul who will enlighten you continuously with her charm and humor.

  3. 5xmom is a dose of everything – wisdom & craps, politics & life, christianity & love, money & charity, sex & humour, you name it! Don’t be deceived by her soft gurly-murly love for pink, she’s one kickass blogger who’ll hentam you black-black before you even see it coming šŸ˜‰

  4. 5xmom is weird because she said bloggers are weirdoes. Muahahahaha. Just kidding lah. You don’t have to put that in your About page. Lol!

  5. “5xmom – where pink is the new black!”

    Or how about this one?

    “5xmom – she taught me the word ‘niamah’ and many other cute swear words.”

  6. 5xmom – she came, she saw and she cussed šŸ˜›

    5xmom – writes exactly how people would like to read. no double standards nor acting. pure unadulterated truth šŸ˜›

  7. “There can be only ONE” Use this.

    The rest of the BRASSO, give it to that Little Ray.

  8. Mr. ONE – ………………………………………..
    You mindfucked my readers till all sot jor, run away, no more readers, no more commentors, no more traffic, I sue you.

    cincauhangus – Want to make banner or not? LOL

  9. Little Ray – Eh, don’t mess with The ONE, later, he really send a bunch of Banglas to tiu you with a can of WD-40, how?

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