I am going to kick some asses

The topic here is not about my son. So, don’t discuss that.

He got a bike collision and the other party was sent to the Penang General Hospital by ambulance. But my son phoned me because he can still walk and talk. So, I went to pick up pronto.

Rushed him to LWE around 1.20 pm. He was weak due to pain and has to be in a wheel chair. Seen by the M.O. and I wanted him admitted for observation because he got a swelling on the head. Plus sprains and some abrasion wounds.

M.O. said must take x-ray and refer to the right doctor. M.O. asked if I want a brain scan and I told him to go ahead. But after something like hours at the x-ray department, he was finally pushed out. I asked the X-ray department if I can admit him to a ward already. X-ray dept said yes. So, I went to the admission counter. Admission counter said the chart is not there.

I asked them, So what do I do?

They said, “Nothing. The chart will come.”

I don’t trust them so I went to ER to find out. Nurse there couldn’t find the chart. And asked me to wheel my son to ER waiting area.

So, wait further. And I am terribly pissed. Nurse said they cannot admit until the doctor said so. And they don’t know which doctor to assign to.

Now, I am really pissed. I told her, “I want my son admitted for observation. What do you mean you cannot allocate a doctor? I am not your regular patient, I know what I want and that means, I want him in a ward now so that he has a place to rest.”

Then, they couldn’t find his x-ray films. And knowing how busy those doctors are (with their day clinics) I know it will take forever to finally get them to see the x-ray and decide if they want to admit my son.

So, with the “I am not your regular patient”, they are forced to get my son back to admission counter.

I reached there, took out my credit card and the admission counter asked me to wait.

I pun dah sangat tulan. I scolded, “My son was admitted into ER since 1 pm, now it is 4 pm. What waiting you want me to do?”

So, they kwai-kwai have to do the admission procedure.

I am so gonna grill their backsides. An email to their Medical Superintendent is due very soon.

Just because my son is not writhing in pain or oozing blood, it doesn’t mean they can push him from one department to another for three freaking hours. He has high tolerance of pain but that doesn’t mean they can ask their patients admitted to ER to go from one end to the other end of the hospital.

I know their hospitals procedure inside out and they also know I am THE notorious, obnoxious Mrs. Loh and I still get these slow services and attention. I wonder how many patients have to do the merry go round. If the hospital is not having enough staff and facilities, stop freaking take in so many foreign patients. The hospital is more like a hotel with foreigners pushing their luggages all over. Niamah, just because they are what-what medico tourism bullshits, we locals get lousy service and I couldn’t even get a first class single room. Now, have to share room somemore. Tiu. Cilaka. KNNMCB.

As I said, the issue is not about my son. Don’t even mention it. I am just plain tulan with staffs who follow procedures buta-buta. I met a friend there and told her, “Sister (name edited), I feel like strangling all your admission counter staffs and the ER nurses. I know I have your blessings. LOL.”

DNMCH, I was so hungry, so hot, so mad, coffee deprived and the last word I want to hear is WAIT. And hospitals should keep their whatever health accredition certificate, what-what ISO and just focus on teaching their staffs more common sense.

16 thoughts on “I am going to kick some asses

  1. My friend poured a pot of hot water onto her hands accidentally, rushing to ER with 2nd degree burn, the nurses ran her hand through cold water for 5 minutes, then she had to wait for 1 1/2 before a MO attended to her.

    This is a hospital with a few vans ferrying foreigners to and fro hotels, jetties and airports. dah lah we so lack of doctors with all the brains drain, whoever suggest we do medico tourism like S’pore need brain surgery.

  2. I have no comments but there are shortages on doctors everywhere I believe. The hospital I study at, being the biggest hospital in South Australia, (it’s HUGE) also has a shortage of doctors. When you get into ER, if you’re still conscious and nothing major, they’ll put you to wait – from 0 mins up to 6 hours. But the administration is of course, top job. They have people coming to check on your condition and stuff from timetotime.

  3. I believe this is the situation in most private medical centres which cater to foreigners.

    Hope your son is ok.

  4. They don’t see your son coming in as an accident case. They see him as a customer. In this case, an extra customer. They’re overloaded with business!!! That’s the pity.

    Just take that Hippocratic Oath and get it buried together with the ISO or whatchamacallit certs and then call it the Health-care System. Now every thing’s big business. You get sick – it’s business. You get pregnant – it’s business. Any slight excuse is good enough reason for cesarean section. You get bumped in the head on the road – it’s business. You die – it’s end of their business. Health-care is big big business. Money money money. What else matters?

    Don’t you get cynical seeing these things happening?

  5. Ok lah, cincai update a bit. He is now staying in a single room, enjoying aircond and my Acer laptop with wifi. No big bones broken, just hairline cracks in the wrist, I think.

    LC Teh – Yalor, all blinded by money already.

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