Haze, Islamic banking and OK

Penang is shrouded in haze. From out of nowhere. Gurney Drive looks so gloomy with the huge sea of mud and haze.

I went to CIMB to convert some money to fixed deposit and the officer introduced me to Islamic banking. Cun! I get RM168 in advance (in cash, if I prefer) for RM20K for 3 months term. But hor, actually it is damn lousy to keep money in the bank ‘cos the interest is damn low. Better to spend it all, isn’t it?

I went to Apple reseller today and they told me the new Mac OS is coming out this month or next, call leopard. (current one is tiger?) So, they ask me to wait. Ish! That means no iMac for me. I also see the ‘pink dress’ for a MacBook. Not so sui as my Vaio.

My son is out of the hospital, with a fibre glass cast on his right wrist and that means, no school for one week and he cannot drive or ride his bike for 2 weeks until the cast comes off. Padan muka, now he has to rely on me to drive him around. When I feel like it. Beg real hard, ok?

But the father hor, already went to see some Yamaha bike with the son. ‘Cos his bike will needs two months to be repaired. *vomit blood* (we got another Yamaha scooter at home, the one damage is another bike) *vomit even more blood* (that’s why I don’t want to talk about bikes or anything related to that)


Remember the Perdana that my son turn into almost total loss? My youngest boy went to the workshop with the father and took this photo (while I sit in the aircond car listening to Jacky Cheung on my phone). He told me, “Mommy, the Perdana is totally dead. All broken already.” Another two months in the workshop, I think.

So, the workshop Ah Bengs are all familiar with this freaky, dysfunction family that has a bike and car waiting for repair. We certainly make the mechanic shop very happy, the loss adjuster very busy and the insurance company crying. *vomit blood*

But if you see how they ‘cut’ and weld the cars, I tell you, you would never want to buy any used car. Those cars are like toy cars only.

……talk about the haze, iMac and the bank interest rates, enuff, ok?

7 thoughts on “Haze, Islamic banking and OK

  1. fixed depost rate sucks, hardly cover inflation! may be you or your atm can find out this Retirement Fund by MCIS Zurich, they pay 6% interest. It’s not insurance, though MCIS Zurich more known for insurance.

  2. as i was driving just now… i tot the windscreen was dirty… it was not… the haze is back… what the hell is going on!!!!!!!

    and yeah yeah yeah… all us bloggers will start hantaming again… but any use… sigh…

    wah.. the perdana… sell to those kereta potong dealer la…

  3. 3.5% FD interest? Let me see, if you still paying installment for you housing loan, which stand for 6.5% ++, and if you deposit 20,000 in the account (which the flexible to take it out anytime), you can save at least RM1,000 every year on interest fee.

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