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Folks, I hope all of us are inspired by the selfless acts from the two families who donated their children’s organs.

“Hui Yi would not have made it if she had not received the second heart,” said IJN heart and lung transplant unit clinical director Dr Mohamed Izani Md Taib.

He said the IJN received an average of one donor heart in six months, but in the past one year, there was none at all.

“However, in the last two days we received two. This must be divine intervention,” he said yesterday.

(The Star)

Many of us are ignorant of how a person die and how the organs can be harvested. I had been there in the ICU for months and I have seen many people wasting perfectly good organs because of ignorance on our part. Though the Government does try to spread the message, many times, we refused to know about it because dying is not something we like to be reminded of.

But please read on and hear what I have to share. My terms may not be correct but that’s a gist of whatever I know. In some cases, just before a person died, the doctors can actually harvest the organs like the corneas, heart, lungs and many more. Some of these organs are usable only when the person is brain dead but they are kept on artificial ventilation. The doctor will give medication to keep the heart pumping and oxygen will be pump into the lungs. Then, they remove these organs, stitch up the person nicely and then, only pronounce the person dead.

I have seen many people who kept their relatives alive on artificial ventilation, take the body home and pull the plug. I wonder…wouldn’t it be nice if they have donated the organs first before they do that? I know the death of a loved ones is very traumatic and usually people do not remember about donating the organs.

So, that’s why we have to be reminded about matters like this, made aware of what can be done when we are not in that situation. Yet. That’s why parents and spouses must be aware because they are the next-of-kin who will determine if the organs are to be donated. We can pledge our organs but it is our next-of-kin who are going to authorised it.

Read why I am so passionate about organs donation in a post I wrote two years ago.

To the families of the two organ donors, may the Almighty grant you strength to face the deaths of your sons. To Hui Yi, my prayers are with you and may your plight bring awareness and increase the numbers of organ donors.

Pledge to donate your organs, folks. It saves and enhances the quality of lives for many.

Added : And politicians, please STOP freaking use this for your political mileage. What kind of stupid remarks are these:

Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said a heart transplant was more dramatic than blood donation, which was now a normal procedure.

“When blood is being transfused into one’s body, no one would ask whether this is blood from a Chinese or Malay. To all of us, it is just human blood,” he said, adding that Malaysians should be grateful for the advances.

and this is not big deal, ok?

Both Hishammuddin and Dr Koh have pledged their organs.

Hishammuddin pledged eight years ago and Dr Koh 10 years ago.

I wanted to give my son’s cornea away when he died in UMMC. I am not impressed, politicians. You just made me very sick.

24 thoughts on “Organs donation

  1. i pledged mine long ago but i dunno where i have placed my card… as for the politicians… what’s new… and the mainstream media will literally feast on such news… simbiosis.

  2. one wonders, really. do we need to highlight each and every case of people needing organ transplants to get Malaysians to pledge their organs?

    nak dipahat, baru berbunyi.

  3. see, i vote for u again at chipster. everyday ler. ok lar. i lied. almost everyday ler!! so if u win hor, u make sure u bribe the judge so i win the Go Dot Com hor!

  4. Even if they donate, people will probably say :

    “When brain is being transplanted into one’s body, no one would ask whether this is brain from a Chinese or Malay, they will only say it’s from a moronic.”

    Anyway, I doubt there is any recipient of their brains lah.

  5. I’ve made my pledge a year ago. I believe when we leave this place, our souls will leave our flesh to reunite with our Maker. If all my ‘spare parts” are still usable, why waste ler? We should give the gift of life to those needy.

  6. that bloody Koh Tut Koon shut the F up ! We give Penang for you for 18 yrs, u turn it into a pile of shit, and now u just ditch Penang !

    shame on u !

    sorry Lilian, but i’m too depress with our current situation !

  7. I pledged my parts too but then again, how efficient is the database anyway. Do they actually know you are a donor?

    I pledged and all they sent me was a card made of paper. I had to laminate it myself. Then I put it together in the plastic cover together with my IC. I guess when I meet with an accident, they would search for my identity and see the donor card.

    So then again, how efficient is the database???? You can have millions pledging but how many keep the card with their ICs?? So, its all LPPL (lanpar parlan).

  8. I agree Lilian, education on orgon donor to the public is a very huge project and will cost a lot of effort and publicity. As we know that asian people, especially older chinese will be very “pantang” to this

  9. steven – Ya, it is a very misunderstood thing cos not many ppl understand how it works.

    little ray – Like the Catch 22 situation

    The ONE – Got pledged Ron ah? LOL. But the donor card has very little use cos they still needs the next of kin authorisation. Never mind, I will remember to donate your brain for research. And Ron too, wokay?

  10. Question: If the card is of little use, what if the donor was killed in an accident??? Next of kin not there but parts have to be “processed’ to maintain ‘freshness’???

    So, it LPPL lor.. Correct????

    LittleRay: Go play with your LP. Bwahahahaha!!! Dont get angry, you know me well lah.

  11. The ONE: I guess if that happens then I don’t think they would go ahead with the organ donation thingy. There seem to be a certain amount of time before the organs can be donated anyway, like if too long after the person dies, they can’t be donated anymore. It isn’t easy to donate lah, lots of conditions one.

    I go play with my LP liao. Actually back to sleep before work 😛

  12. little ray – LP is meant to be carried only. LP means the balls lah. Haiyor.

    Question: If the card is of little use, what if the donor was killed in an accident??? Next of kin not there but parts have to be “processed’ to maintain ‘freshness’???

    Like dis, they give you the wrong faith funeral only. LOL. Nothing more, nothing less.

  13. i had pledged mine more than 10 years ago. if not mistaken when i was about 13 or 14 years old. the bad point is, the card dunno go where liao. sometime i do doubt if the org can identify a donor without the green card or not.? how?

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