Ever get blood drained out of your heart?

It is like being sucked off our life. The chills start from the heart and you feel your limbs turning cold. It has happened to me many times. And it happened again. I am terribly disappointed.

There are things that I cannot understand and will never find out. That’s what make it doubly sad. Life is never fair. But why is the not fair part always happen on the same person again and again? Just because the person can take it more than others,must the person shoulder that all the time?

This is getting tiring and I am really sick of it. It chokes the life out of a person and that feeling of chill won’t go away and will probably hang around for days. Whose fault is it when a person feel shortchanged? I guess no one is to be blamed except for the weaker side.

I deserve a thank you sometimes, you know? I must cut all these bullshits of being the forgiving, forgetting crap. Fuck!

I am sick of people asking me stupid questions.

5 thoughts on “Protected

  1. when the clouds come, the sky turns gray. when bad things struck us, we become blinded, short sighted. but behind the clouds, the sun continues to shine, knowing the dark clouds wouldn’t stay. and behind our blindness, our short sightedness is our strength, that has built up over the years, over the pains; our determination, that should never cease; most of all, of God, who never gave up on us, never left us, regardless of how weak we’ve become.

    when we’re flying, we never don’t think much about what happens below on Earth. when we’re feeling on top, we don’t imagine being below. but the fact remains, when you fly, you have to land. life is a roller coaster.

    everything is different, including humans. even you and me. 🙂 God never gave up on us and so should we. yeah, of course we’re not God, but we are children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 🙂


    you know, behind all those ugly things and people, there are people who love you, 🙂 treasure you, appreciate you, and will say a million thank you’s to you! 😉

  2. ehon – WTF? LOL, isn’t this password protected? But yeah, you got a gist of what I am thinking. Tell me, is this still pw protected or did you guess the pw ‘cos I told no one. *scratch head*

  3. i do not know what is going on but certainly there’s a lot of suppressed frustration… all i can say is… keep calm a and… pray!

    have a nice weekend.

  4. it’s not password protected lerr..

    no lar. i’m joking!! 😛 hehehehe. cos i know u too well, so i manage to guess the password. 😛

    ok, i was joking again. it’s still password protected, don’t worry. i just manage to figure out the password out my smartness – one guess correct alrdy!

  5. Don’t shoot me if I say this but…I always think that God is testing only the strongest because He knows we can take the test with grace.

    You ok hoh? Makes me wonder if I still keep to beep u on “you know what” or not…

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