The week that was -2

I am beginning to like this weekly reflections on what I wrote through the week. Last week, I wrote The week that was and it was a nice opportunity for me to look back and see what I had done right and done wrong.

Personal blog
I got smacked by Google but I am always the survivor who gets better and better. I am the invincible, never say die 5xmom so I hope this will spur me to improve instead of getting me down. Though I did achieve very good income in September, it was nothing. A friend told me, “You did it because you can.” I have proven I can and I don’t need further affirmation. I won’t be doing this for October because I am giving my faith the priority.

On the home front, kid finished PMR exam, another kid got yet another accident and nothing major other than that.

On the friends part, I learnt that one doesn’t leave their friend even in the most challenging situation. Yet, there are so many superficial ones. Most important of all, I know that I am the kind who stood by their friends.

Faith Journey

I dedicated the whole month of October to reflect on my faith and am doing a day by day post based on my Bible readings guide. So far, I have done them diligently. I hope to complete all 30 days. It has been a while since I really focus on the Bible and I found many verses which just jumped out at me, grab my attention and caused me to think deep. Following Jesus is never easy is one of the hardest post I made. I hope people will read it and understand the hardship I endured to shift from being a Taoist who practiced all the Chinese rites to Christianity. I hope those of you who are seeking for one true religion that gives you a peace of mind, a happy heart and a guided life will give Jesus a chance to be your friend.

You know what is the most rewarding part about blogging? The fact that there are people who wrote to me privately to ask me about Christ even though they are not Christians. I even have the joy of giving a Bible to someone. My only wish is more people will be as open minded as and yet, have the faith.

Parenting blog

Other than the above, I didn’t write anything profound because paid posts came in like a river and I have no time to do much. however, I wrote something after I read someone’s blog. Women, please read this post : Wisdom in selecting what to blog and what not to blog. Do not reveal your whole life on your blog. If you think what you read on my blog is real, then, I am sorry I have misled many of you. I am the mastermind in mindfucking because most of the things on my blog aren’t real. I know I have kept many of you guessing what, who, why, how, when and where about some of my posts. When I know people may be nosey, I closed my comment. And when I do not wish to hear helpful suggestions, I said so. When I said the post is a private joke, people went guessing. Please respect what I said next time because it is tiring when I have to rant about Which part of private people don’t understand?.

Must read sponsored posts

Son, I want you to read these 3 sponsored posts. It was an impromptu one, I was paid but the stories just popped into my mind. Read them before I got senile and never tell you all in person. Catch a mouse, why I am afraid of horror movies and the life I had as a child.

Well, thank God for all the blessings, thank God for the protection on my (stubborn) son and thank God for everything else.