My DIY hubby

He has just created an extra 3 feet by 6 feet space in my room for me.

He is very good in drilling and screwing.

He is installing an extra wall fan for me, blinding me with the dusts from the drilling and scewing.

He looks very handsome in goggle.

(pause to pose for photo)

He doesn’t understand why I am constantly stuck to my lappie eventhough I am bitching about the dust and noise from the drilling and screwing.

And I found out he has not one set of drill but three sets of drills. Doh, why would a man needs three sets of drills?

Oh ya, just like how I need 10 colours of lipsticks, five palettes of eyeshadows and three sets of skincare eventhough I have only one face, two eyes, one lip.

I am still sitting here rambling with the dusts and noise because I told him I am at his service, passing drill bits and whatever tools he needs. Otherwise, who is going to listen to him bitching about the holes, the screws, the wall plugs and everything else?

The happy carpenter, electrician, plumber and DIY’s wife.

8 thoughts on “My DIY hubby

  1. #2 – Oi, people know lah. My husband so hensem, I cannot put his photo up or else later desperate housewives wanna khau him lah.

    wuching – Your love hearts! I am packing them for you. Hope to send tomorrow.

    suzette – I did the meme long long time already. I think my tip was – Learn how to spell fuck properly. Hahaha.

  2. #2 – Eh People think we live in different continent. Yes, that’s the box which my husband needs to re-pack becos the shop go pack it so huge. And Wuching is a man, don’t tell my husband hor? Hahaha.

  3. Our two rooms are separated with a void of technology-less area. So strutting through it is a very cumbersome task. So the internet is the way to go…

    Neway, who is gonna pay me for my handling fee? I literally cut up and reshaped the whole box leh…

  4. #2 – Nay, ask Mr. Wuching to compensate you for saving him postage.

    Wuching – my #2 helped re-pack the box to half of its size (previously packed by the shop). Send him koala bear or kangaroo shit please.

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