Son, I hate you. How come your iris is bigger? How come your eyelashes are longer and curlier? How come your eye is bigger? How come my recipe come out so nice? Somemore never thank me for the nice pair of eyes.


because I am too free liao.

I’m lovin’ it!

*don’t try this at home, you can get blinded by the flash lights*

13 thoughts on “The EYE

  1. Wah, ur eye whites really white like egg white! Mine have veins that look like can pop anytime …

    Pink coloured contacts *LOL* … but grey quite nice oso wor.

  2. Playgal – Uncensored version. lol

    mendee – I only wear my contact lense after 12 noon cos my eye doctor warned me not to wear it for too long. I kena one bad infection and really afraid of that now.

  3. hmmmmm.. just a thought. if biometric uses iris for person verification, if u post up ur iris like this, can it be used for identity theft?

    anyway, ur iris smaller coz.. old edi.. skin oso not that tegang edi. 😛

  4. Malaysia got no such database yet…so our eyes have no info worth in/on it…haha. Slowly waitlah…

  5. That day i told u i love his eyes and u said its made out of 2 scoops of Hagen Daaz ice cream and now u jeles pulak!

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