Let’s recyle our first post!

I was surfing the other day and there was this little chain going around to recycle your first post. So, are you game to copy and paste your first post and then, see how much you have improved, changed, turned lousy etc?

Here’s my first post posted on October 23rd, 2004 in my old blogspot (which is moved here). That’s almost three years ago! Reminder to self : Remember to celebrate your three years old blogger journey on 23rd October.

I thought bloggers are weirdos who talk to themselves ‘coz they have no human friends to talk to and they are attention seekers. But heck, I lurve blogs and stalk blogs so might as well join the bunch of weirdos.

What am I going to blab in my blog? 5xmom = is mom, mom, mom, mom and mom. Which means I am best in blabbing about my role as a 5 times mom. To me – parenting just need one ingredient – LOVE. Anything else is ‘kiasu’ and ‘kiasi’ driven. Oh no…. I do not subscribe to the two things. Or rather, I am trying hard to stay away from it in bringing up my children.

(kiasu = afraid of losing, kiasi = afraid of dying but actually also means afraid of losing)

Looking back, even on my first post I already damn kuailan (obnoxious). So, I didn’t change much except that I write less silais (housewife) posts. I have broken off from the pack because I learn that my happiness doesn’t lie with how clean my floor is or how well behaved my children are or how well behaved (LOL) my husband is.

It is nice to look back and measure how far we have come or how stagnant our lives are by comparing our thoughts we penned down when we first start blogging and what kind of things we write today.

So, why not I tag a few people so that they can do the same….

Let me tag those I know for years…

The Suzette
MG – My earliest blog buddy

I have something to ask but I guess I won’t get a very truthful answer. Have I changed? Have my blog changed? I am not talking about other blogs but this blog only. Am I still the same? Bah, I don’t think anyone can answer that. Not even me, myself, I.

*Added : Keen remembered my ‘MOST’ controversial post which was call Blogging no-no.

22 thoughts on “Let’s recyle our first post!

  1. I dunno you changed or not lah, but surely got change loh. I only started reading your blog this year 😛

    Eh where is zewt’s entry for Go Dot Com? :S

  2. Haiwor….. u were my second commentor when i started blogging!!! Wait lemme go dig my blog and read that, first. FUN FUN FUN!!!

  3. If you’re talking about the contents of your blog, well I don’t think you have changed and even if you did I think it was for the better.

  4. Maybe you’re a bit less “drama” than before (I’m looking for a word here but it’s 3AM and it’s not coming to me).

    I remember you wrote something about black backgrounds and everyone came to whack you on it.

    Fairly amusing that time. Perhaps back then it was more haphazard, saying your piece and not putting out a caution to commenters to not kick up dirt.

    Back then there wasn’t paid posts either.

    Otherwise, it still feels same old, still interesting…

    and perhaps semi-controversial, if you let the comments fly.

    Thinking back, wasn’t it strange that one of your more controversial posts back then was commentary on not using black as a background?

  5. keen !!!!! – LOL, you remember! Actually, that reflects how matured the blogsphere has grown cos nowadays, there are no mobs like these anymore. Or maybe I have grown my fangs, horns and claws and no one dare bully me hor? It was one of the most interesting drama of the Malaysian blogsphere. Come to think of it, I do missed those times when bloggers took side and get all passionate over stupid issues like those.

  6. dylan – Yah, I am glad I didn’t change much in terms of blogging style.

    samm – Wuah, your first post pahpai lorrrr…TV Smith commented worrrr. I also remember he posted in his blog about how sexy and hot you were. Jeles. TV never commented in my blog except for like 2-3 times.

    little ray – I kenot change wan…

    jolene – Yay, le’ts go back and dig our dirts.

  7. Oh, you blogged three years ago!! That time, i didn’t know what is blog. Your instruction of 5xcom is Interesting.

  8. have u changed? aiya old ppl like us too set in concrete ledi so cannot change wan lah so the readers better take it or leave it its up to them! hehehe

  9. Hahaha. Sounds like fun. Thanks. I faster faster go and check my first post. Walaueh, so boring! Yawwwn! Really sounds like I’m writing in my diary wor. Abuden blogs are supposed to be online diaries mah. *defensive* lol!

    As for you, you have become major diva of course but reading back on your first post, I don’t think you have changed. Your core or personality was there as it is now. Thats good wut. No matter how big you’ve become you are still the same Lilian Chan. Lansi and damn kuailan. Lol!

  10. I only started reading your blog few months ago lor, so I can’t tell you, but if I read it from the beginning, you know I’ll be truthful with you lar! LOL! 😛

    Anyway, like I said in my post mar, although we all blog for a different reason, we all share a common benefit – we learn about ourselves, about others and about life – whether consciously or unconsciously. 🙂

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  12. The first time I read your blog was one year ago and i haven’t noticed much changes. The topics may be different but the tone and style remains… how to change, it’s still 5x mom mah…

  13. Yes, u certainly have changed! I’ve read ur blog way b4 u start writing paid post but I was the silent reader.

    Be specific. What does paid posts have to do with my question?

  14. Hey…I always remember what I wrore the first time, and seriously a bit embarrased to think back but I will take a part of it for this tag.

    Have you changed? To me not much as I kind of expected that you are capable of doing what you are doing now…ok la, ada la a bit surprise here and there. But I might be wrong as I missed most of your earlier post, that’s based on knowing you earlier.

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