Is this all there is? Go dot com contest

These are the only entries I picked up so far.

Is that all?

Closing today….

Watdafark is wrong with these people lah? It is a freebie and no one wants? Not like I ask for anything, just one freaking post and only seven people do it? Tsk tsk tsk, terribly disappointed with the spirit shown by bloggers. I have paid for the hosting and the domain fees. So, faster go make one post and ping NOW NOW NOW. Otherwise, tak kasi muka to me lah. Niamah! Got time do lame memes, no inspirasi to think why you blog?

16 thoughts on “Is this all there is? Go dot com contest

  1. i kasi mukaaaaa i bring cake, polish your toenail, flower your garden, sayangz your dog if you’ve got one.. hahahahhaa. oiyyy? i lost my muka pulak. šŸ™

  2. ya man… where is zewt-la. Hahahaa… I think he got called to fulfill his duties of a modern slave.

    I’ve been doing that too. Will try to post an entry up at lunchtime today. šŸ˜‰

  3. Not closed yet ka? Thought doing a last minute entry before 12 last night, as I thought you close at midnight but I tertidur with my baby pulak…ingat dah terlepas.

  4. heh. i’m pretty sure there’s a lot of the posts out there lah, but mebbe they’re shy kot…

    i typed one up and then my computer ate it. now i’m too lazy to type another post, lah. so i guess i’m too malas to have my own dot com, huh? hehehehe…

    happy holidays, lilian!

  5. closing today ah? aiyooo… i think i too late lor. i wanted to join but lately… i have got a lot of things i wanna write on my own.

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