Go dot com winners

And since I am too lazy to choose and it is hard to choose, really….. I give free domain names to the followings. I know my original prize was for five domains but heck, you have all participated and I am more than happy to sponsor the USD10 domain fees for all of you.  So nine prizes.  MG, Wuching and Khairil, thanks for your support.

And the winners are…


Little Ray – Because of his dedication to improve his photography and his sincere posts (like the one where the mozzie bites his balls LOL)

Leonilpi – Because Terence said she is one cool mummy who blogs for her kids.

Initially I wanted to do the voting and poll stuffs but I am still not familiar with the WP Polls.  So since Terence is so free to vet through all the posts, I let him make the choice for me.  Anyway, all the posts are so nice, I wouldn’t be able to choose myself.

So, congrats Little Ray and Leonilpi!

Nah, now you know how Terence looks like.  Hensem hor?

And thanks for the 20 comments in my previous post.

Is there going to be another contest?  Yes, if I hit over RM10K again.  So I better go write more paid posts.

32 thoughts on “Go dot com winners

  1. check it out:)
    i’m selling apple (from here added by 5xmom) and my backside

    WARNING TO HALLIE – What the fuck? You think my blog is an advertisement slot? Public toilet for people to drop links to sell stuffs? This is not the first time you drop comments to sell your stuffs. GET.THE.HELL.OUT.OF.MY.BLOG.

    Spams are fine to me. But getting through my blog Askimet by leaving fake, friendly comments and then, squeeze through your affiliate links and etc is just damn whoring and lame. Get that into your skull, will you?

    In case you forget :


    hallie | | IP:

    if your buying apple laptop,sell me ur sony lappie=)

    Oct 1, 3:19 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — I made it through the rain

    hallie | | IP:

    if your buying apple laptop,sell me ur sony lappie=)

    Oct 1, 3:19 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — I made it through the rain

    hallie | | IP:

    can i see more of your video with ur kids?
    i just saw the video u took when making tang yuen.ur kids is so cute:)

    Sep 26, 5:21 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Don’t hate, I’m a DRAGON.

    hallie | | IP:

    some of what my grandma told me when i was small

    -point to the moon and you’ll get your earlobe slashed

    -whistle at night and snake’ll come

    -don’t let babies or kids sit on the offering table when u pray or they’ll be consumed by the god or something.

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  2. Pek Imm: Dunno why can’t comment on your blog leh :S Erm, to be honest I’m not entirely sure how it all works as well, but domain name = http://www.???.com, whereas webhosting = where you can upload stuffs and all that into your FTP (file transfer protocol)? So no need to rely on blogger already loh.

    Correct or not, Bryan/Lilian/Terence/whoever?

  3. AYAM BEK!!!!

    You know I am super kwai lan. Now I am SUPER DUPER KWAI LAN. Ok now, those amateur spammers, please fark off!!! Dont waste my time.

    The rest of the gang, Its great to be back!!!! To the winners, congratulations!!! You guys won because I didnt participated! Blek!!

    I went to hell and back. You dont really want to know where I actually went.

    Little Ray, go study!!!!

    Oh, and that wuss who called me a rotten egg, better apologise. Bwahahahaha!!!! Niamah!!!!!

  4. hi..really thanks for the prize..
    i really appreaciated it.. *hugs*

    hope you all have a nice day..
    n of course, happy blogging!! =)

  5. Eh. You stated so clearly you went to hell and came back, of course we all know you went to hell loh 😛 Welcome back to earth! =D Wokey, study 😉

    See what I can do? Treat me nice hor……. (terence)

  6. HAHAHAHAHAAA i won i won!!!! thank you Lilian, thank you terence. er.. who is terence huh? i still new here.
    banyak kamsiah from the bottom of my heart. really.
    (so touched, i go and sob a little now..)

  7. little ray – Eh, the prize not handed to you yet, you dare to test Terence ah? Nay, he edited your komen liao, see?

    bryan – Not sell banana. LOL. Niamah, she goes around every blog and drop comment.

    mistipurple – Thanks for your post. I email you all later to arrange.

    val – You are welcome.

    terence – Eh, I thought I changed pw liao, you still got admin status wan? You hack my blog again?

    clf, angie, pekimm – Wokay, I mass email you all later. Thanks for taking part.

  8. thank you aunty lilian!! hehehe am so happy to see my name there.. thank you gain~

    and little raymond: thanks for letting me know neh~~congrats to you too!!

    and also to mummy Leonilpi , congrats too!

    happi happi day~

  9. See? I came back all happy.

    Those who are ‘new’ here, I am the one that stirs the shit here. Later you will know lah. Oh, and I hack naughty people’s blogs too. Be nice hor.

    I hereby disqualify Little Ray for claiming to be hensem when he is not. Bwahahahaha!!!!!! Woi, take number lah. Hensem? Ptui!!!

  10. terence – Dun perasan lah. The pikchures of Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin makes them happy lah. Heh, I bet you don’t know what I am talking about.

  11. I heard someone selling fruits….

    Who wants banana?? Half-ripe/ yellow though =x

    Thanks again Lilian!! And thanks again for increasing 40 visits to my blog =D

    Kam sia~

    PS: I’ll blog about this later lol.

  12. eee. Terence stir shit one. Now only I know… 😛 😛

    Terence is my idol. I worship Terence. Terence is very hensem. I am Terence’s slave. I shall stir the shit for him with my hands.


  13. sorry lo.. Dun know anything about terrence mah!
    So bored so decided to tag:D

    Anyway Gratz guys… those who won… better do what you all say ah… improve english and etc ah…

    😀 make english boleh in malaysia! Pg first.. hokkien too much liou!! 😀

  14. wah liao.. i was gone for a few hrs (hv to “ying chao” with my koleg or else i’ll be known as anti-sosial… :-() and suddenly got so many messages-ka.

    lilian, manyak kam siahhhh…. gua will gambate from now onwards-la. 😀

    to terence, “oooiii!! macha!! what was hell like?” 😛

  15. wahhh!! congrats congrats and thank u lilian!! 😀

    until i can afford to get a webhosting – or i think first, then i let u know, wokay! 😉 thanks and welcome back terence! wakakakakakakaka! hope u enjoyed your hell-iday!

  16. hi lilian,
    guess i’ll go with leonilpi dot com, just make it simple. thanks.
    err, what do i have to do now? (i’m so embarassed!!)

  17. so sad! i not choose as winner……….! please somebody i really want to win!
    chanlilian….why not choose me?so sad lol…
    i know u a good person,do give me hosting lol..hehehe

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