Our powerful minds

I was looking through this batch of photos I took this afternoon. Most of the photos are taken by my four years old kid using my Nikon D40 with its kit lens (hoi, the bag too small lah! Hard to fit in my 18-200mm lens LOL).

Do you know that our minds sometime are like the camera? You see, this photo looks very gloomy to you, right?


That’s how negative people think. Sometimes, we also see things in negative lights and things seem like a gargantuan task. All it takes is some good friend, a gentle nudge or what I call the little angel which is Godsent to put things in a brighter light.


See? Still dark, right? (photo-sifu-wannabes, don’t farking spoil my storyline with what WB and A settings, ok? Just shaddap.)

But if we allow our minds to think more positively, we will see a different picture.


See? So bright. A happy family. Today is the first day my dear hubby is officially unemployed. His contract with Ericsson is completed. Before that, it was an Italian firm, Marconi which he got VSS compensation. We went to celebrate his ‘officially unemployment’ at Hardwicke with a nice lunch in a private room.


So, folks, moral of the story. Don’t let life gets you down. Sometimes, try to see the brighter side of things. Our minds are very powerful and if we don’t control it but instead, allow ourselves to wallow on the darkest side of things, no one can brightens it up for us. It is just like the camera, focus on the right place and things will be bright. Geddit?

Meantime, I am very busy ‘fook si lou kong’ (serving husband). Which will bring me to the next topic, soon.

P/S : Don’t give wrong comments and kena fark, ok?

26 thoughts on “Our powerful minds

  1. P/S : Don’t give wrong comments and kena fark, ok?

    … scary lah. Don’t wana kena fark.. especially by *ahem* hensem.

    OH ya! I’ve decided to get D40 as well.. probably end of the year? D40x is not worth it, might as well get a better lens with the extra money =) What you think??

  2. sooi2 – He will be back to work in no time, so that’s why we are celebrating his freedom now. LOL

    Little Ray – Yah, you ask Terence, he sure say good choice one. He got a D2 and a D70. But the diff of RM600 (over here) is still worth it lah. Now the Msian price is only RM1,999 for D40 with kit lens.

    Lil Ms Pinky – Ya. Actually, this post is dedicated to two persons, two dear friends. Hehehe. Let’s say it is a private post. That’s why I don’t want people to read between the lines and kepoh kepoh tell me things I am not asking for.

  3. Terence oh Terence: What you think? You have D2? Wah sai, I thought they cost a nuclear bomb? Planning to just get D40 then probably use the extra money to buy a 55-200mm VR lens including the kit lens. So then I have from 18-200mm but separated to two lenses lah. Or I might actually go for a D40x which includes 18-55mm + 55-200mm VR in a (depending on the price tag lah in the end).

    Oh, scrap that. I just checked online (not too sure if it’s the right price lah). If I get D40 with kit lens + buy 55-200mm VR, it’ll cost me 1150 liddat. D40x with kit lens + 55-200mm VR will cost 1220. wtf I think I’d go for D40x if really like that.

    Betul tak?

  4. Thinking positively the way you described sounds easy but hard to keep up. I am envious of families where the members are mostly optimistic people, they live by faith, not by sight. But for people like myself, we try to rise above apathy which has become the norm, but so often other people’s apathy pull us down.

    So I try to hang out more with God-dependant, optimistic, passionate people because life itself is already full of obstacles. We don’t need to be further saddened by apathetic, cynical people.

  5. Little Ray: Go to the shop, play with a few cameras, regardless of the brand name. You will hear a ‘calling’. Then buy that camera.

    Its a D2x and D70s lah. Along the way, I trashed numerous cameras. D2x dont cost a bomb. Its the lenses that are killing us. Lenses cost more than the camera. Birding lenses can buy you a car here.

    Expensive hobby, Ray, you have been warned. Bwahaha!!!

  6. Terence: Sir yes sir! Very expensive I know, that’s why I wanna try to stick with a couple of lenses and try to minimise other expenses πŸ˜›

  7. Hello Lilian,
    You’re a nice LOU POH cos you really take good care of your LOU KONG. The only problem is you like to say FARKING a lot…..hehe jk

    I thought that was suppose to be your LOU KONG’s phrase….hehe I guess time changes cos nowaday women are MORE aggresive than men. Maybe men are farking old liou….hehe jk

  8. You really made a point with those photos and I always believe in looking at things from a different point of view. Never knew things can be different when you look at it differently, but many still prefer to see things in a straight line and its their loss anyway.

  9. Photos a bit dark but then, can always be edited mah.

    Just like our mindset. Outside is gloomy but if we program our minds to think happy thoughts, we’ll be happy-lo.

    Sorry-la.. I is programmer… tend to think everything like computer.. πŸ˜†

  10. hi lilian,
    I was just kidding…hehe πŸ™‚

    I’m FARKING blind I guess…..lol πŸ™‚

    Sometimes I’m just not sure you’re joking with me or not but anyway nice one lil….hehe πŸ™‚

  11. Oh ya btw lil…..You’re funnier than Ah Pek

    FYI Ah pek is my role model I really salute him. He’s a damn hard working person, creative & intelligent seniors I’ve ever met on the internet. When I read his old blog I really read them & imagine myself just right by his side admiring everything he does in the past. If he’s my dad I’d be proud of having a father like that…..He’s a GENIOUS!! I always wanted to be like him a lot. He’s the greatest TAIKORR I’ve ever seen….hehe πŸ™‚

    Terence is hensem. Terence is funny. Terence is a genius. Terence is my father (I would farking spank you!!!). Terence is the taikor’s taikor. Bwahahaha!!!! Because I can! Don’t like? Don’t come!!!

    And what the fark is a GENIOUS???!!!! Can eat one ar???? TERENCE

  12. Money Man, were you talking to me when you refer to me as lil? Excuse me, but I think we don’t know each other that well yet. And I’m funnier than Ah Pek? I think you funniest lah.

    And FYI, I’m not lil. I’m Little Ray.


  13. Money man: Fuyoh! Ah Pek’s #1 Farn shee.

    Last i recall this is not Ah Pek’s site lah. Want me to give you the URL ar?

    Tom Shallack, no offense ar. We are cool.

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