If only every Malaysian men are as handsome as our astronaut..


So handsome, kan? Mana nak cari? I don’t care what others said but I am extremely proud that we sent someone as handsome as this Malaysia first astronaut. I hari-hari stare until I go to the moon pun boleh. Lucky I am not some 18-22 years old Malay lass or else I will float on cloud nine everyday thinking of him.


Photo linked from angkasawan website.

Angkasawan™ 01

Personal Details
Name: Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor
Date of birth: 27 July 1972
Place of birth: Kuala Lumpur
Sex: Male
Nationality: Malaysian

Career History
Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2005-Present)
Hospital Selayang (2000-2001)
Hospital Kuala Lumpur (1999)
Hospital Seremban (1998)


MBBS in KMC Manipal, India
Master in Orthopaedic Surgery in HUKM

Russia Space

Alamak…all I can say is Dr. Sheikh is so, so, so, so, so, so handsome.

I wish him Syabas! For getting all the way to space. I had the opportunity to watch the interview with his parents the other day and I must say that he has very humble and very diplomatic parents. For that, he has already won my heart. I don’t care what all the naysayers are saying about this space mission. Yeah, some politicians made a lot of follies but what matters is Dr. Sheikh is there, representing our country.

And to those who keep whining about the ‘RM80 million for feeding the poor’, I want to ask you. Why don’t you sell your car, your house and feed the poor yourself? Same thing, kan? If you cannot do that, then, don’t merepek so much lah. Chill. Releks, braders (and all the silais). Let’s swoon over Dr. Sheikh and be less negative.

Syabas! We are proud of you, Dr. Sheikh. (Eh, Dr. Ros, you kenal tak Dr. Sheikh? Boleh intro? Jadi adik angkat, pun aci jugak.)

P/S : If I receive any negative comments, I am going to edit your comments. Or thrash you. So, give good vibes only, ok?

21 thoughts on “If only every Malaysian men are as handsome as our astronaut..

  1. aunty ar … this is PR stunt ma … publicity … u think they will have someone with a perut buncit … balding hair … face like me as a cover page boy meh ..

    and fyi, he is not an astronaut … nor a cosmonaut … he is what we malaysian call a “ANGKASAWAN” or according to them big space players … “A FLIGHT PARTICIPANT” …

    niama lucky the sohai never do the teh tarik stunt up there … fuckiig paiseh …

    and yea i am not proud of it all .. tumpang only wut … no big deal …

  2. Hey there!

    Wow! Never haf I seen such a big picture of him. Not even in the papers. LoL!

    Apparently, *whispers* *whispers*

    Rumours had it that, *censor censor*

    I dont know how true this is, like i mentioned, r u m o u r s . . .

    Good day! Selamat Hari Raya to Dr. Sheikh and all Muslim friends!

  3. Is it just me or is everyone out partying on a Friday night? or is everyone already asleep? I can’t help but keep refreshing every now and then to see if there’s anything new, but nothing! :S Sad sad. Where’s Money Man and The ONE? Siennn.

  4. Ptui!!! Like this call hensem????!!!!

    Then I am what????

    Who the fark is THE ONE???? Can eat ar????

    Earl is right. Not astronaut lah. Wonder why those politician didnt condemn NASA for those remarks. NASA=USA=Bush=Big ass nuclear weapons??? Bwahahahaha!!! Soli, off topic.

  5. Haha…if I have to vote between the two, I’ll choose the handsome Dr too, but the dentist is not bad also, what.

    No, Lil I don’t know him. They chose experiments that are non-related to geology, so takde chance la to work with him…anyway, I’m still pouting for not being able to compete for that :(.

  6. who? What?

    little ray – You thot of a name for your domain yet? Sei ler, I no see Bryan on MSN so I haven’t arrange with him yet. He went gai gai khau lui, I later only kacau him.

    mama24beas – Yalar, if you are the one in space now, fuyoh, I think hari hari also I tell people, tu Dr Ros? My fren lah.

    terence – You know how out of touch I am with all the terms lah. Cos I never pay attention to it. This one only to attract search engine. Bwahaha.

    You? Hensem? Heh. And The ONE leh? Where The ONE? Masuk lokap pulak?

    Kelvin – I censored a bit hor, sked I kena sue for spreading r u m o u r s. Hahaha.

  7. ok la…. hensem… part time model, full time doctor, onetime angkasawan…

    next time easy for him to bring ppl to his clinic, and also his modeling job. where got other doctors or models that can display the Angkasawan badge? 🙂

  8. Lilian, I share your opinion. I don’t care what others say about him (I know about the ‘rumour’ from my *censored* friend). Our angkasawan is one darn good looking lad (he looks like my abang angkat in school)! I’m glued to Astro channel 588 since before the Soyuz launch, watched the interview with him and Dr Faiz and their families a few times, read the Angkasawan blog (www.angkasawan.com.my/blog) from the beginning until current entries.

    Those who say that he was a ‘flight participant’ should read the rigorous 1-year training that he & Dr Faiz went through. After all, Captain Robert Gibson, the veteran US astronaut, did say that Dr Sheikh is a full-fledged astronaut (US term) or cosmonaut (Russian term).

  9. Someone suggested he may be (censored)
    not that it matters
    any one else think so?
    have a nice day

  10. what? only want good vibes???? not when they said they are going to send the second joker up there too.

    if petrol goes up 1 buck becos of that…let’s see who can give good vibes.

  11. what can i say is he is really really handsome. but i want to wish syabas because you have be the first angkasawan malaysia

  12. hes ok too (i cant belive i said this)

    anyway he IS a cosmonout…because the Russian said so….american jargon and red tape yada yada doesnt count… regarding russian space programme. he he he…

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