Oinkie says…I wuf yew…

I seriously, seriously need a real life instead of spending time on Facebook feeding my little Oinkie. Oinkie is kewt. Oinkie is so loveable.

Oinkie needs food but 5xmom has no munny to buy Oinkie food because she spent it on bets for Oinkie to race. Donate some munny to Oinkie puhleez. Or feed Oinkie. 5xmom’s Facebook profile here.

Damn….I have 36 paid posts to write and I just wasted so much time at Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Oinkie says…I wuf yew…

  1. Tiu…. me also got 4 dozen to go. Niamah…. what kind of life we have. Who wants to write interims for me? 5 bucks a piece, minimum 30 pieces each time. Shit, i just made my bed. I go have sex first…. *strips*

  2. samm – LOL, that’s why I playing with Oinkie mah. Release stress sinnnn.. Never mind, month end we get the lansi-ness factor again. Think of $$$$, shit $$$$ and talk $$$$$.

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