See girls

“#5! Eat your rice!!!”

Eyes glued to anime on TV.

5xmom : Eh, you see lah? Your son. The eyes glued to the Japanese girls. Look at his face? So engrossed.

5xdad : Good lah! Somemore don’t appreciate.

5xmom : See, see? His expression…so humsup.

5xdad : Haiyor, you better be thankful your sons know how to look at girls. If not, you will be crying already.

5xmom : HOI, he is only four years old lah!

5xdad : Must start from young.

5xmom : Ha, bad influence. See the rest of your sons? All smiling. Now, all turn into buaya already. You teach wan. Cilaka. Give them blessing to drool at girls at such a young age. Ish, ish, ish!

12 thoughts on “See girls

  1. Yeah.. I agree with 5xdad. Better to look at the girls rather than the boys. hahahaha… The Lohs are definitely a group of horny men.

  2. ashotiwoth – Yahor, never thot of that.

    little ray – Ya indeed.

    terence – H O R N Y. All Lohs.

    choonie – when you say the Loh hor, all the Loh especially the One also perasan wan. LOL

  3. they are born like that .. what can u do …

    its like animal instinct, animals are born to hunt …

    guys are born to ogle at chicks …

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