The week that was – 3

Time to summarize what I have done the whole week.

Make$ Money$
Generally, I think the biggest hit was the major Google smack down on all my blogs but I don’t give a fark and enjoyed writing – Make Google looks stupid and you get torched. Period. While you are there, please take a look at my working space. A lot of the probloggers have put up a video or photo of their working space. So, the bimbo in me did the same. This is where I make my five digit income. Yes, I am going to hit five digit RM this month. I am already 73% there.  And don’t lie about your income because people like us who have sixth sense know when you are lying.  

Faith blog
I wrote about how cool it is to be 100% reliant on Jesus .  He may had been a   frustrating guy to talk to because He has these views  that are often against our normal way of thinking. In my faith blog, I do expressed a bit about my atm’s  unemployment but I prefer to keep my mouth shut here ‘cos I don’t need unwanted comments.  In God I trust.

Personal blog 5xmom

Highlight of the week is of course the contest for Go Dot Com. Folks, I am sorry I haven’t contacted  you ‘cos I think Bryan is on holiday. I don’t know how to proceed. LOL.  I also don’t want to kacau him on public holidays.  Releks, braders and sistas.  Money paid already, so I cannot run away.

And the other thing that means a lot to me is of course, the support from those of you who commented to make up the numbers. Sometimes, it is not so much the numbers but rather, I like to know who are impartial enough to get crazy with me. By being impartial, it means that no one make any judgement, come up with stupid guesses and dun give a fark to what I am crapping about and just go along with me because I asked. I asked for comments to make Terence comes back and it is nice to see so many did that. Thanks, Terence. Welcome back. Keep editing and close the comment board.    Nah, cap mohor.

Karma Kameleon

This poor little neglected blog has some nice posts there but sadly, it is 70% paid posts.  My Baby You has a song by Marc Anthony and girls, you will want to know more about guys with deep voices.  I can also turn lala on a blogspot because it is so easy to embed songs from Imeem.  I have Chris Daughtry over there.  It’s nice to have teens sons because I can go ‘nice!!!  what song, faster tell me, go home I  download’.  Parents, remember, as your kids get older, you have to try to be younger to make the gap smaller.   I wish I have grown up in a relaxed environment like what I am trying to provide to my kids.

I probably write hundreds of posts in a week but what matters are I love what I am doing.   I failed to see why some people are so negative to writing paid posts and yet, pick up those five bucks crumbs and in the same breath talked like it is a crime.  My advice – if you wanna fark, go all the way, enjoy and stop feeling dirty about it.  Otherwise, stay celibate.  Simple as that.  Otherwise, your life in all aspects is going to be miserable.

So, a week of accomplishment.

4 thoughts on “The week that was – 3

  1. Happy for you lah, week of accomplishment. I should be happy too, I guess, for winning the contest. wakaka 😉

    Don’t worry about the domain things until Bryan’s back lah. No need to rush. Now you concentrate writing paid posts first. And if you need help with writing one, I wanna volunteer lah. So farking bored. Hahaha.

  2. Me also gonna hit 5figure soon, song seiii EH, nonid to lie wannn… cos our blogs will tell on us. We know those posts belong to who……………. ishhh, ishhh…. but of cos i know who is lying jor, lolz.

    tok too much. gotta go back to my blogging lorrr

  3. Walau eh, everyone is saying 5 figure 5 figure leh, I want 5 figure also…

    About income lying, how will you know? When they post their income, if it is high, many will congratulate without looking much deeper into it.

    I am still waiting… 90 days mari mari mari…

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