Because I am me

Got a new set of curtains, change my love heart curtains to overlap with my curtain.

So, so, so pretty!

Met Auntie Suzanne today for choir practice and she asked to see what earrings I was wearing. She told me, “Girl, you must always wearing earrings. It make you looks so sweet. God gives you ears, so you must wear nice nice to show God’s creation.” Amen!

Hahaha, that’s the nicest thing about Auntie Suzanne. She makes me feel like a kid because she is twice my age and yet, got so much fun in life.

When I grow up, I want to be like Auntie Suzanne.


And this is my husband’s butt. He hang those stuffs for me when I was away at church. Patiently set those *%$#@!! French pleats curtain. I hate those French pleats (the three prong pins?) but since our railings used that, it is cheaper than to change to tab curtain. Say hi to Joe Boxer’s butt. Nice hor? No flabs.

17 thoughts on “Because I am me

  1. Awww that is so so so so so so so girly, and I like it!!!

    So bad lar you….Joe Boxer not angwee you show him bum bum to everybody meh? But I agree with flabs! LOL

  2. sasha – So, you think which part of the post I am lying ah? That I didn’t go to church, my atm didn’t put up the curtains or where?

    dylan – Hahaha, must keep an identity, like those probloggers do.

    lil ms pinky – Joe Boxer’s butt looks even nicer but I cropped out jorr lorrr. LOL.So, no Smiley face smiling at people.

    cindy – Ish, cannot stare too long, ok? LOL

    labeille – My room leh? You only see boxer ah?

    Little Ray – I hope you mean my teddy bears hor?

  3. the curtains are yellow & blue, but… the whole room has more of a pinky theme. overdose!

    aiyo, another post featuring those dangly-dangly hearts thing. i’m so jealous because i want them too…

  4. zyrin – LOL, it is a private joke with terence – yellow/blue. The curtain is actually white and with green leaves and blue flowers.

  5. samm- China dolls cheap-cheap. I go hire a bunch and do live webcam then, I no fark writing paid posts lorrrr…Eh, wanna partnership with me? We also buy those lengjais from dunno what country. LOL.

  6. hi i was wondering where did you get your curtains because im trying to decorate my dorm room there really pretty you have good taste

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