7 thoughts on “How to F U C K properly

  1. oh yea, everytime i try to leave a comment, a little window will pop up saying that there’s error and will close my IE.

    do other blogger face such problem too? but today is just fine. ehehe can leave a comment here for 5xmom. =)

  2. littlepolaris – I suspect it must be that cilaka dinosaur ad. 😛 A few people ‘scolded’ me because my site crashed their browser.

  3. Bryan – Neh, that ad which got dinosaur one? Now no more on my site.

    You are back! I going to kacau you liao. How to proceed with the nine domains and the hosting?

  4. F U C K? i guess the popup window got problem, can’t open the window. anywhere, the photo you took is very sweet cause all in the pink.

  5. what is it about, so curious but the window popup is blocked and sometimes it gives me error then close my window. can u try to submit the link again. thx.

  6. the site makers should b fucked once,bcz they don giv propr responc in jus 1click.V hav 2 open many pages in ordr 2 gt our answr.

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