Perez Hilton got sued by Britney Spears! Nice…

Little Ray pointed out a news to me that Britney Spears had sued Perez Hilton due to a leak in the recordings of her new album. I wonder if Perez is going to get booted out of the Bloggers’ Choice Award and leave me in the running for the Most Obnoxious Blogger award? Nice! Nay, fat chance. This will only add to Perez’s notorious list of things. People like his blog because he always manage to dig out all the dirts about the Hollywood celebrities.

For example, I just read that:

The O.C. and Entourage alum Samaire Armstrong, who is currently starring in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money.

The actress is technically not in “rehab” though she is seeking treatment for some unspecified “issues.”

and Perez said :

Drug addiction? Bulimia? Sex freak?

All of the above, we say!

Well, the topic of this post is about drug rehab. Sometimes, I wonder if all the people are getting addicted because they know it is glam to go for drug rehab like the celebrities do? If you follow Perez’s blog, almost every week will see a couple of celebrities going to those centres for one treatmet or another. It is like, “Hey, I am addicted, I need rehab and hence, I am cool!”

Then again, I read that some of the patients with debilitating diseases which gives them a lot of pain sometimes need suboxone detox because they are addicted to painkillers. I do know a lot about painkillers because last time, the doctor shot a lot of morphine and other drugs to alleviate the pain felt by his little patients. Do you know that in the hospital, they have to get two and sometimes three nurses to approve the issuance of painkillers before they can prescribe it to their patients? It comes in small vials and when it is required, a couple of nurses have to authorised, unlike regular medicines which need only one nurse.

Once a person become addicted, whether by choice, abuse or due to medical condition, they need suboxone detox. I do not know if suboxone treatment is the only treatment. But I do know that one should not get addicted in the first place and should stay away from abuses in any form. Just leave those celebs to screw up their lives ‘cos they can afford to. But you stay away from depending on anything like alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex? and whatever. It is not cool, ok?

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  1. Britney Spears is simply the best pop singer. i like her superb stage performance and her sexiness

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