Ish, now I cannot make money blogging in the nude

No maids from China

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has rejected the proposal to employ women from China as maids.

There go my plans to hire China dolls. I already hatched up the best make money blogging idea by decorating my room like a brothel. Then, I hire a few China dolls and all they need is to sit naked in front my PCs. I have a few PCs at home, from a 6 years old Dell to 3 years old clone PCs. If I hire 6 of them to just in front of those old machines, I will probably earn a million dollar a month.

(I just bought a pink basket! Nice!)

Imagine the number of RSS subscribers I am going to get. Or the number of hits. Technoroti, Alexa….Even Google can’t touch a single strand of their pubes hairs when the traffic hit sky high.

My plan is not like one of those live webcam boring stuffs. It is naked blogging chicks. Of course, I will hire a few of my good blog buddies and ask them to write while the girls are just to fool my readers. I will pay each posts USD100, just 100 words of their fantasies and I bet a lot of silais will sign up with my paid post companies. I bet they have a lot of fantasies in their minds.

Now, the Government don’t allow China maids. Because we do not have enough supply of chastity belts.

BTW, which nationality of male migrant workers are the most hensem-est? Maybe I can open a string of naked blogging males? Still as lucrative. I have seen some very, very handsome migrant workers with melting eyes, curly lashes, high bridge nose, tall, dark, hairy…..I dare not ask which country they come from but I believe they are from the northern parts of India. Very handsome. I don’t mind having a male maid like that, you know? Especially if they are tech wizards because I know many of the Indian nationalities are very hardworking and very, very smart in IT. Plus excellent English.

From Little Ray. Little Ray, no need to award, I know I am super-fantastic-super-fabulous already. But thank you, anyway.)

9 thoughts on “Ish, now I cannot make money blogging in the nude

  1. wayne – wuah, you obviously very oblivious to the migrant workers plight hor? Never read the papers? Many of them are university graduates lah. It is unfortunate their country’s economy is so bad, those brains are wasted as labourers. Read more papers and get in touch with the real world lah. In case you do not know, I can easily get ppl from some countries to write paid posts for me for less than a dollar, you know? But I don’t exploit cheap labors, just like I don’t hire a maid even though I can afford several.

  2. samm – We together gather hire lengjais lah, for eye candies.

    zewt – OMG, you are gay too?

    bengbeng – Breathe in, breathe out. You got one only. I have four. Plus a dozen blogs. LOL.

  3. Kekeeke… Just thinking about it… Chastity belts – wonder who will hold the key? 😛

    In terms of hensem migrants… ehhh… punjabs? Zewt, kakaaka.. you noticed that too with the bangla workers?

  4. if they are hunks, hairy chesty with six packs, have fluent english and works great in IT, i think they’ll either be in hollywood, in gay porns, or in bill gates’ company already.

    wait, did i just suggest that bill gates is gay? i didn’t, right?

    just kidding ler XD

    but really lo, if got so good condition then you ma need to pay sky high salary to hire them haha… or you hire them cheap just to make them exercise do push ups go gym everyday until they become hunks and ur slaves, muahhaha

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