Sienz Dou Sei (boring till wanna die)

Everyone is still on Raya holidays.

No traffic, no comments, no flames.

Lou Kong at home means I had to pry myself from the bed at 8-9 am when normally I can sleep till noon.

Shop till nothing to buy already.

Kid gone to some training camp so we cannot go anywhere.

Wanted to go to KL and see that what-what Gardens and Pavilion but how to travel? Kid left in Penang meh?

Let me go embed Carrie Underwood’s song “I’ll Standby You” sinnn

When traffic low, write profound post also waste gas/sai hei.

When no regular visitors, think-think what to write, also waste gas.

When not many comments, really sienz dou sei.

Hahaha, yayaya, I am fishing for comments again.

But at least I terang-terang say it loud instead of going to every single one of your blogs and leave a comment and hope to see the ROI. What is ROI?

Hah….I tell you why I hate bloggers who count ROI. Let’s say they leave 10 comments on 10 blogs, they will count how many commented back. ROI means returns of investment. Say you invested in USD100 ads, you want to find out how much profits it generates for you.

So, do you leave a comment with the insincerity of reaping ROI? Or do you comment because something touched you? I want you guys to read ehon’s tribute to Ryan, a school mate of his who died a few years ago.

Talking about that, I have been thinking….so many parts of our lives are sometimes intertwined. We are like angels to each other. Ever thought of that?

I hope I have been an angel to others, sometimes. Though I enjoy being the devil more.

17 thoughts on “Sienz Dou Sei (boring till wanna die)

  1. Reap ROI? Got lah, sometimes. But lately not anymore lah. Can’t be bothered. So many interesting blogs to read and comment, but I only comment here most of the time. See how lucky you are? šŸ˜›

    Angels to each other.. definitely agree to that one lah. It’s like everyone is there for a purpose. See, I’m here for a purpose too. To comment lah, what else? lol

  2. you are an angel to me because you ‘push’ me into the decision of doing a dot com finally.

    on the ‘comments whore’ issue, ya, some people may not be sincere and are fishing for a return comment. as for me, i am just insecure that some people may not like my unwarranted visit. i am quite a nut case i’m afraid.

  3. Nah… another comment for you at 5.50am. I lagi sien tou sei, blogging all by myself in the dead of the night. No, about morning jor liao. I do blog hop a lot but seldom comment. I’m not bothered whether people comment on my blogs or posts as i seldom reply to them also. But i let them know how much i appreciate them taking a moment to hit the comment button. Tiu, mebbe i shud start being a comment whore too to reap some ROI. I’m so counting and marking each and every blog i’ve commented onto my evil spreadsheet sinn… and turn that into a comment ROI counter pie chart or something lidat, lol.

  4. I’ve been away from my PC for the last 3 days. A welcome relief.

    Yeap, read ehon’s post – very touching. šŸ˜

    I comment only when I see fit-lo. If nothing to comment, nothing to comment-lo. Simple as that. Fishing for comments or ROI? Nahhh…

    As for angels.. Yep, God put us on this earth to do His will, being an angel for each other. (^ ^)

  5. actually i prefer this kind of jam at all the road is damn smooth. i was shopping for the past 3 days(no jam), it will be the same for taday also, so i like this kind of life very much. don’t feel boring, just go shopping.

  6. I hardly wait for people to comment back on my blog, mainly because I never give the links to many people and most of the readers are my close friends. They comment when they want too, no obligations..hehe

    The post was very touching indeed.

  7. Wah, comment also got ROI wan ah!
    Wonder got ppl count their shit see how much they eat gives a good ROI not. LoL…

    *Laugh at Amy’s comment*

  8. šŸ™‚ hello.

    sighs! busy till wanna die these few days. šŸ™‚ but nonetheless, still have time to read my comments, talk to God, and read * a few * blogs. šŸ™‚

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