Tell me which Halloween costumes turn you on or off?

If let’s say there are 10,000 costumes to choose from, which will you pick as your Halloween’s costumes? Are you going to get something that pissed people off like this Spongebob Squarepants?


I think Spongebob ranks very high on my hate list. So, if someone wears that, I will probably trip him over and hope he lose a few teeth and flatten his nose. Because Spongebob is that forgiving and never angry guy so he will probably say he loves me still.

But if someone wears a costume like this Runny Butt, I will probably fled whatever Halloween party I am attending. It is gross, so gross it makes an excellent Halloween costume. Maybe I should tell my male friends who shits often to go get one. Very appropriate for them.


It says on the site :

Runny Butt. The grossest costume ever! Simply squeeze the bulb and watch gooey mess flow. Special plactic buns sewn to a medical gown with squeeze bulb attached.


There are so many Halloween Costumes available at Mooncostumes dot com. It takes me a long, long time to view every single one of them. I want to pick the most interesting costumes as conversation topic. However, I know where guys are concerned, I only need to pick the sexiest female Halloween Costumes. The kind which can gives sparks to their imaginations. This means the less, the better. So, here goes a couple of my selection just for the guys…

Wet tshirt!


I know the boobs are a little fake, probably due to bad photography and over enlarged milk bags. But if they have it in smaller and better proportion boobs, I can imagine so many men tripping over themselves in the dim light of a Halloween party.

And this is probably why they don’t allow us to have maids from China. Because they will end up wearing maid uniform like this French Maid. Even if they don’t, the male employers will get these visions all day long.


If you wish to see more sexy Halloween costumes or male costumes that makes your heart beats faster, then, hop over to the link provided. Of course, there are lot of cute little children costumes as well and I am sure the parents will love the site.

So, say thank you already! I had spent so much time sieving through the site to bring to you something to feast your eyes on. If you have friends looking for Halloween Costumes, tell them to visit MoonCostumes dot com.

8 thoughts on “Tell me which Halloween costumes turn you on or off?

  1. lol at little ray!
    my boobs are already big enough to lay on table when i have lunch, so mah-fann. big is not always good.
    i have emailed you on my domain name, thank you again Lilian.

  2. Don’t like spongebob. Any guy wearing that must be assumed to be gay or has tendencies to be so. šŸ˜›

    I can’t imagine having to sit down or do anything with those fake boobs of the fake wet t-shirt costume. Kekekee…

    Recently, my company had their annual dinner and we all came in costumes – all clean one-la. Nobody dressed up like the French maid… I think if they did, I’m sure the table will be very slimy with all the saliva dripping from those guys. šŸ˜†

  3. Halloween is near already. The spongebob costume is just so weird, don’t know but I just hate that costume. LOL

    The wet T-shirt could have been made to be more realistic.

  4. Eeee.. Wrote this before and made me angry, they didn’t want to pay me, didn’t tell me at all until I check my account. No reason give at all and just reject it bulat-bulat. No payment for me for this post, my friend also kena.

  5. Spongebob is really funny and hilarious. somebody says that spongebob is gay, is that even true?.~;

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