14 thoughts on “Airasial – Now everybody can fry

  1. Finally you’ve updated. So farking expensive. Do it online lah. Wait it reach 3.6k again (or lower), then book it šŸ˜‰ But you didn’t say where you going to fly to. 4k.. can fly quite far oh like that. Around the world with airasial? Will die of backache.

  2. Yah la… this air asia nonsense is a big scam! Sekejap this price, sekejap that price… plus this and that… ma si sama sama lo…

    Sigh…. must have rules about such things la… toy with ppl’s emotions!

  3. nolah…the closer u get to the date, the more mahal it gets. me fly to kl-kota bharu rm240…ppl sarawak->kb rm100. mana achi right?

  4. lol… well you had better get ur tickets at market low, or else when the markets go on bull then it will fly up and down even worse… šŸ˜›

    and well at least airasia is still the cheapest flight provider in msia

  5. If you have time, you can refresh on individual price, rather than booking for one lump sum. Those RM9.99, RM19.99, RMxx.99, x are price mean to fill up the cabin to leverage the flight cost. So it will fluctuate like stock, I bet there is a team go calculate the supply/demand price for year to year basis.

    FYI, all flight company always adjust the ticket price from time to time. Peak season ALWAYS cost more, can be 50% to 200% more. Believe it or not, it might be just 1 day different, and the ticket shoot up skyrocket. I suggest you check all the ticket price within you holiday “range”.

    If you thinking of flying to Sabah, too bad. There is only “not so peak season” and “peak season”.

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