I must learn to say no.
I must learn to say enough.
I must learn to say cannot.
I must learn to say don’t want.
I must learn to say, ‘It’s alright, Lilian.’
I must learn to say, ‘Chill it, woman.’
I must learn to be obsolete.
I must learn to shut down.
I must learn to forget.
I must learn to turn away.
I must learn to give middle finger.
I must learn to say ‘So what!’
I must learn to cut off.
I must learn to say, ‘I don’t need you.’

But Ben, Abe, George all insist they love me and keep calling me.

So how?

18 thoughts on “No

  1. Stop farking thinking of those past presidents. All died liao. Not hensem also. But if its legal tender wise, ……..

    BTW, got take medicine or not??????? Niamah!!

    Little Ray: Since she will be away in some jungle, wanna terrorise her blog ar? I give you PW. We change the PINK to BLUE. Bwahahaha!!!

  2. wuching – Wah, you don’t know which guys are they? OZ use kangaroos, koala, that’s why lah.

    terence – You spoil the suspense! And you won’t dare!!!!!

    The rest – Hehehe, thanks for the comments but I am running around like a headless chicken.

  3. terence – Yes ‘cos I know you don’t know how to change template. Padan you don’t learn when I did yours. Yahor, talk about that…I go instal back and turn it into gay site. Yes! Yes! Yes! terenceloh dot com will have the comany of mr red. Nyek nyek nyek.

  4. Bryan – LOL, my reputation for doing that memang femes mah!!! That’s why Terence sked ledi.

    Terence – TL 0 : CL 1

    Angie – You mean Hossan Leong? Yorrrr….I like his rendition of the We live in Singapura song. You wait, Terence sure hack you site. Muahaha.

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