When they say fine prints, they mean FINE PRINTS, idiots!


So, we made online booking on Air Asia where everybody can fly (kite puas-puas, 10 rounds also can) and still able to catch a flight because I heard they are always delayed. Well, we checked and MAS’s price will be RM6,800 for four adults and 2 kids’ tickets. Air Asia is RM4,100 for 6 if we book online and RM4,700 if we book from their office.

When we booked online, they gives us this Adobe file which I asked son to print it out.

And LOL, that’s how the fine prints are. It is really, really, really fine. But my atm doesn’t let Air Asia goes off so easily. That man is reading that thing right now with a magnifying glass.


My son and I are just fooling around. Not that I care what the fine prints said.


Siao meh! Who in the world reads fine prints! (except lawyers and my crazy atm) He did find a condition that says should Air Asia overbooked a flight, passengers will be kicked to the next flight. Like this oso can? Air Asia – Everybody can fry.

10 thoughts on “When they say fine prints, they mean FINE PRINTS, idiots!

  1. I boleh gang with your ATM lah as I do read fine prints. Don’t want to be taken for a ride, you know.

    I dah serik fly Air Asia. 2 kali fly on Air Asia, 2 kali delayed. Tak kuasa aku!

    Have you had too much ketupat pulut yet? I ate 2 pieces of ketupat pulut hitam je. Started fasting on the second day. Puasa ganti and puasa sunat 6 hari in Syawal. Lost 3.5kgs already 🙂

  2. Paper saving tips?

    Clause to escape overbooked? Hahahaa, AA lawyer very pandai, like this also can. ManaAdaSystem lagi best, their director say MAS profit performance improve because they DELAY a flight to PACK different schedule flight in the same plane.

    I’m not sure which flight company win the absurd prize.

  3. I read fine prints too. Insuranc keh, warranty keh, online transaction keh, semua I baca. Hehe…

    I heard the delay is purposely caused by the airport wan woh. To make AA like not reliable so they cannot compete with the Wau. Something like conspiracy like that.

  4. haha.. printing the fine prints really drink a lot of ink!

    Ur atm sama gang with my dad la. Last time, first time book airasia, made me print that and then ask ppl read for him. Can blind….

  5. Alamak.. Lu mau go blind-ka? Hehehee…

    I really respect your atm man… 😆

    I will read if I suspect something-lo. Otherwise, I place a bit of trust in them. If takde, I will “sing song” to my friends n etc to stay away from those bloodsucking scammers.

  6. I’ll scan through the fine print if i got nothing better to do, like waiting for the plane for an hour.. 😀
    Have a happy holiday ya!!!!

  7. Normally cheap stuff I never complain if I do I keep it to myself but they won’t see me again forever…….haha 🙂

    As the saying goes cheap stuff are not good stuff. Once in awhile you may get some good cheap stuff but in long run you’ll end up losing more money than buying expensive stuff….my opinion only arr auntie….don FARK me arr…….hehehe 🙂

    I’m really scared larr…..kidding *running away like a mad dog* scared kena slap

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