34 thoughts on “Bwahahahaha!!!!

  1. WTF. CB, me just started to settle down there you wanna hack kao kao already. SCARED LAAH.


    But I noticed it’s filed under humor category, so it better be just a joke šŸ˜›

    ps. I like blue. keke

  2. Barney – GO AWAY!!!

    Raymond – Joke?? You wait lah.

    th_c – 1 vote for green.

    Alan – 2 votes for green

    Bryan – Lala?? Go seafood restaurant. LOL. Eh, email me Raymond’s PW.

    whojen – You know how to read ar? Read again then.

    Angie – I can try. Rainbow. Hmmmm…..

    CincauHangus – 3 votes for green

    Melvin – Raymond answered you liao. I think he likes you too.

    Raymond – I dont wanna get involved. Its between you and Melvin.

    Nicole – I hate PINK!!! Change yours to PINK. Anyway, love your blog.

    TenthOfMarch – 4 votes for green

  3. I think she doesn’t really fancy green. If she comes back and sees her blog in green, I think she’s gonna flip LOL

    Let’s give it some rainbow colours šŸ˜€

  4. Melvin – ……………….. Enjoy.

    Keeyit – Learn to read. The post written by me lah. What PINK vaio??!!!!

    moo_t – Will put into consideration.

    meendee – I would love to see her flip. Wouldn’t you? LOL

    Nicholas – Black?? Then the fonts what colour? What lah you!

  5. Lil’ Ms Pinky – Sorry, no PINK option. Try again.

    alexallied – White/oren?? See how lah.

    zyrin – 2 votes for rainbow

    Choonie – Farn Shee got lah. You know farn shee??? Bwahahaha!!!! Lilian??? She is stuck on some mountain lah. Prolly lost as well. Bwahahaha!!!

  6. Raymond – Farn Shee??? You are also one lor. Bwahahaha!!!!

    cbenc12 – Make up your mind lah. Blue? Film kah?? Bwahaha!!

    budokid – WIFI? Got. Lilian brought charger but mountain where got power socket. Laptop battery habis liao. Bwahahaha!!!!

  7. damn u šŸ˜› SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION. wtf is farn shee?

    Oh ya, tell lilian she’ll be proud of me. I’m 2nd top earner in ppp today. wakaka.

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